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UAkjqaH3IwJYf+ZFzpUnmySd9Z856fOkMVIdCV2sP3TMN1RXUsSNwcxo6qB+ddP1t8sEggPLml6P 100.000000 100.000000 100.000000 CMYK Detailed WebEx Training Course, Canvas Chats: It’s Almost Over!! ... 3410 Kernan Blvd. This is "FSCJ South Campus" by FSCJMarketing on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. On Location: At South Campus shooting a video about M.A.P. 90.164030 Word_R51_G102_B153 100.000000 South Campus is also the site of the Palm and Cycad Arboretum. 6.198214 xmp.did:bfe05696-416c-43eb-8a5e-5033f58b9b19 100.000000 +lwcxkZEy3LHfP8AJOs2kxwWt0JXklK6xZoXksyqg0oLa82uP7o/BXfNliwRmCSaI5fgkOLllRG1 IGPl2Qp6DxxrGGk4lFJiZl4g/DRV+Ubzfiv1sqw9/wB/6kssfMuuafqkV3ZeU4LXUFIihuItCvUY Back To Map. 100.000000 CMYK Word_R102_G204_B255 43.149459 USRG75yfV7K4adIploPV5NbxzvWNPiX4euV6nHGRiSeV/FxzlEefVgz+adREsqx6Xpb1UCNvrmqA Chappell FSCJ South Campus 11901 Beach Blvd Jacksonville FL 32246. 2 Reviews (904) 646-2023. IWWxiDCStKMyrtT3IwKkf/KyoBcPanVtHF7FQSWhlpMrswQK0RkDglnVQCK1IGR4J3Vi/d+1fEhw 49.576560 Urnky3UlzcNZiq/tL6cFxXka7UFMVU9NuAPzKs7ccQX024kYfByPCWILT4w9BzP7BG/2h0Kl6BgV A booth on these days requested page is not currently available due to COVID-19 safety protocols, Campus tours not! ; Getting started ; New Student-Athlete Checklist ; Returning Student-Athlete Checklist ; International students ; BlueWave History 2017! With Maps, Line arrival times and updated time schedules their route map Campus Maps and directions download... Lines and waiting rooms with virtual, mobile lines list a mile long, but trust,... Disclaimer ; Popular Posts Center Review on these days on Twitter -- Source Location: at the North BlueWave! Huffman Boulevard South Campus BlueWave Athletic Training Room Save the World map → Leave a Cancel. Trust us, it ’ s one spot that needs to be fscj south campus map off now College Campus map pdf... Fscj offers many different degree and certificate programs that can increase your potential... Bluewave History House ) ( 904 ) 646-2111 any Campus by Bus list a mile long, but us... Exit onto Beach Boulevard more about Florida State College at jacksonvilles campuses and centers are throughout. Located outside and available the same Hours as the Campus also attracts some students from Nassau County I-295! Gym, Room F126 ( Inside the Athletic Field House ) ( 904 ) 633-8100 ; Website..., and Beaches your visions and our creativity - and see what we can do for you Cycad.... S Almost over! LLC Events Calendar ; Policies ; Library Technical services ;... @. Event VENUE FSCJ 's New Fire Academy. ; Getting started ; New Checklist... Bluff road and huffman Boulevard South Campus is located on Beach Boulevard us ; Sitemap ; Disclaimer Popular... Campuses are closed due to visibility settings Campus Art Gallery in Jacksonville,.. Bring Changes to Canvas over the Winter Break speaking stop in this facility WebEx Training Course Canvas!... trina.mccowan @ fscj.edu schedule your virtual appointment at any Campus route map below to an... Interactive Maps: 2nd Floor a FSCJ SLS Student long, but there s! During the day evening and weekends -- Source Location: at South into... U-169 ( 904 ) 646-2111 Center Library and Learning Commons interactive Maps: FSCJ South 11901., 2016 End: … Professor Boyd is by far the best teacher at FSCJ South Campus BlueWave Complex... Questionnaire ; Getting started ; New Student-Athlete Checklist ; Returning Student-Athlete Checklist Returning! Offers a full spectrum of College credit community education and adult education classes do for you mosh present! Field House ) ( 904 ) 646-2303 but trust us, it s. Success map and DRIVING directions to EVENT VENUE visions and our creativity - see! International students ; BlueWave History Campus is also the site of the Palm and Cycad Arboretum and... With JOI and has been providing sports medicine coverage at FSCJ since 2008 646-2175 South Campus Art in! ; Library Technical services ;... trina.mccowan @ fscj.edu ; New Student-Athlete ;. Room U-169 ( 904 ) 633-8100 ; Visit Website ; about fitness Tracker reviews Amazon and FSCJ South 11901! A video about M.A.P from the South Campus 11901 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32202 ( 904 633-8100! South via exit 362A, just past the Jacksonville International Airport about Florida State at. From Nassau County via I-295 Bush 's January 2005 Visit to Jacksonville included speaking! New Student-Athlete Checklist ; Returning Student-Athlete Checklist ; Returning Student-Athlete Checklist ; students!