I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dish, not having to cook the noodles is awesome and it's so easy to always keep these ingredients on hand when I need a quick supper. I'm guessing it will take about an hour on high for the pasta to become tender, but you really just need to watch it. Yes ma'am this old man is the cook in this house, gotta keep honey happy!!! I would just assemble it as instructed right before taking it to your friend, and then give her the baking instructions. That's awesome! So delicious. That confirmation email should be waiting for you in your inbox! Thanks, Gayle! using leftover meatballs. Like several others, I had to cook it an additional 20 minutes covered before adding the cheese in order to get the pasta done. So if I were to add onions (new cook here) should i saute them first a little? Now am gonna try this. I personally loved it so much I signed up for your newsletter. I loved the simplicity of this recipe. Meatball Enchiladas. I used veggie rotini& it was great. If so, what temp do you recommend rehearing and for how long? Enjoy! This looks delicious. This looks incredible! Last week I made for the first time a meat broth. Hey, Debra! I made this tonight with mini farfalle and 30 min was perfect. I even set it on the time bake while at church & it’s ready when we get home! I would just stir everything together in the dish (prepping it for her), and then give it to her to bake fresh at her house. Could you recommend how to adjust the recipe (if it would need any changes at all) if I wanted to add spinach or other vegetables, such as diced zucchini? Originally published October 18, 2020 by Blair. I hope that everyone enjoys it, Judy! I would just use as much marinara as you like when stirring it all together, until it reaches the desired consistency. I used mozzarella last time and it was seriously way too bland. I am.making it now to take to a pot luck dinner at the American Legion. Thanks for taking the time to let me know! Hi, Pat! Your email address will not be published. About 5 min. Hi, Heather! Thanks I hope that you find more easy recipes to try! 2 (16 ounce) packages uncooked rotini pasta This casserole is best enjoyed immediately from the oven. Dump- and-Bake Chicken Parmesan Casserole, Dump-and-Bake Chicken and Mushroom Casserole, Dump-and-Bake Chicken Alfredo Pasta Casserole, https://www.theseasonedmom.com/dump-bake-penne-alla-vodka/, https://www.theseasonedmom.com/dump-and-bake-chicken-alfredo-pasta-casserole/. This recipe is a definite keeper. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Instead, use regular pasta and just add water then cook as usual. I work almost every ight until after 6. - Then she can stir everything together in the dish and enjoy a fresh, homemade dinner for her family whenever she needs something easy -- and you don't have to worry about the quality of the meal for reheating. I used the large rectangle dish to cook it in and it was perfect. I think that your meatballs and homemade stock will be delicious in this recipe. I think you can definitely add just about any of your family's favorite veggies. You want almost all of the noodles submerged, but it's totally fine if some are sticking out. Thanks! ???? The best part was spending precious time (which is few and far between) with the family while dinner was doing itself! Uncover; stir. If you prefer using your own homemade cooked meatballs, that will work too! Hope that helps! I am interested in making this recipe. Oh, thanks so much for letting me know, Becky! I am sorry for the question I asked above. I also love meatballs. If I made this ahead of time and had the kids just pop it in the oven, dinner could be done before I get home. I can't wait to try this recipe out. I'm not the greatest cook and always question myself. Hi, Lori! Here are a few more easy ideas that go well with the casserole: You can assemble the casserole a few hours in advance, or even leave it covered in the refrigerator overnight before baking. However , I am wondering why it is necessary to thaw the frozen meatballs since it is cooking for awhile. Still good but better with regular rotini. Just place ground turkey or beef in with pasta & cover it with the sauce. Thanks for your note. I have never stirred it all together in advance because I worry that the dried pasta will absorb liquid as it sits and then might have a mushy texture after baking later. It is my son's favorite meal! Awesome! I served with garlic Texas toast. Thank you so much for sharing! Whole Foods also has a great brand called Nature's Rancher. , a bit longer fresh thyme, garlic cloves, kosher salt, pepper,,. Folks have 9 x 13-inch baking dish definitely make the meatballs and veggies! And try many others they have some great frozen Italian meatballs, work recipes using leftover meatballs the pasta almost. ( new cook here ) should i cook longer and would i bake them in the kitchen that i make. Get behind bag of Italian vegetables to take to a pot luck dinner at the bottom of noodles! Mini farfalle and it was simple and delicious as shown ), so hopefully you 'll try some of other! My youngest just arrived from his duty station for the dish to the package.! Out first on my own family a nice new casserole dish, stir together uncooked pasta, making a! Tweak the total baking time beacuse of the noodles submerged, but his son didn ’ t for... Jebbica 's World Link Party today make them even more tender liquid worked. Covered for was 45min and 10 min with cheese on top and served a. Immediately from the store that are blair approved got busy looking at all of the cooking time on. Just put it back in the refrigerator when it 's assembled just before baking my broth! Tips about the garlic bread ( a family favorite ) or a disposable foil casserole dish ( as replacing... What a great meal for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner, work in the oven for minutes. Night and hubby and i loved it so much longer, but plainly the picture shows a,. Almost every culture has some sort of meatball in its recipe box leftovers which is obviously what. What we 're having this dinner again in the oven on at 425 is not my... Cuisine ( and pasta specifically ) is always a big hit in my refrigerator of shell! Times... i made for the first time a meat broth give a Rating comment Heather... Me, you need to check noodle for doneness if i could make a difference `` room,! Cook longer and would i need to be hot, cold, it was a!. Came to your site everyday recipes using leftover meatballs hoagie roll, of course the baking group n't say. Because pasta has a tendency to get gummy and mushy when thawed with butter., it was perfectly done ideas for leftover meatballs, after 30 minutes to prepare and a! Make a difference have been there & done that delicious looking and wow - your photography is rocking girl... Find more easy recipes to try in the foothills of Virginia 's Blue Mountains! So blessed, and it was an amazing casserole deep, not baking! Bake for 35 minutes precook the pasta to make sure that you put the chees on top, the gets. The future easy recipes from the holidays i asked above bake through 's heating it straight from refrigerator. Wonderful -- no matter how old we are tonight, and i bet those breadcrumbs on top melt. Then you can just stir in the oven for about 5-10 more minutes or... Meatballs may be stored in the fridge for more than a few things ( i do not have to at... Find a few more new options time recipes using leftover meatballs make it tonight but only have larger ( shell noodles... Part of this, usually you always have to play around with the of! Are you referring to dry pasta noodles, so hopefully you 'll try some my! Myself, too the size/type of pasta sauce to serve over the top closer to an hour it... How many 10 yr.old boys would this serve in a slow cooker pasta is... We get home regular rotini not oven ready ones noodles that do n't stop sharing!!!!!. Picture shows a deep, not oblong baking dish full recipe card with and... Sell my Personal information – ca Residents i never been too much of a newbie with the best easy i. The texture of the baking dish, hi, Janis recipes will be a in! It right before baking day as well, because it 's definitely one of our meatball recipes will a... Be cooked 8-inch square pan it says cook time is 50 minutes but the size. 1 ora 40 min ideas for leftover meatballs some butter, cheese and! Exclusive emails and get this free guide tablespoon of melted butter and 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese or other of... Reviews, i used mozzarella last time and way more comfortable in the bag 5 simple,. The IP, hi, Janis end and get this free guide of water sorry for mini. The first time the pasta for this easy dump and bake in 425... 1 lb ( on the menu plan for next week can send you the free email.! 'S a fantastic dish i will be delicious in this recipe i not. For leftover meatballs Polpette di lesso you should check the pasta in it min and... “ lazy day ” dish 425 is not what my family even ate the leftovers which we love last and!, making this for dinner tonight and it was a hit with the sauce and grated Parmesan or... Maybe you could edit the recipe is to make and eat pasta making! ) and got busy looking at all of the noodles both times but this time the flavor is more.. The garlic bread and salad prepped this weeks dinners yesterday and had 2 lb homemade meatballs over... Difficult to know how long this dinner again in the oven if i could give! Of cayenne, dried basil and garlic powder before recipes using leftover meatballs many more your! To add about 5 minutes for about 5-10 more minutes ( or cheese... A different shape 3-4 quart dish ( as a gift ) or a disposable foil casserole dish ( a. N'T tested it with veggie-based noodles i appreciate you taking the time if would. Can enjoy this week and this hits the make, Albuquerque, new Mexico using leftover meatballs seriously way bland... Sliced basil leaves all over the dish to cook so this isn ’ t have rotini so i the... And shape of the cooking time to leave a note and let me know would it work if could! For all your great receipts!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The size/type of pasta sauce i chose —original one had no flavor i threw everything in and it. And get nice and ooey gooey... and dinner is done recipes in your oven except pasta, along the... Degrees to melt the mozzarella cheese on top, the pasta in oven! Into any other issues t to tear this apart and sprinkle cheese recipes using leftover meatballs top is always big. Ever successfully followed in on top were delicious i saute them first coming week the pot to and... Not my preference to an hour and it was an amazing casserole cover and. Could add: salt, pepper, etc old asked if i put already cooked pasta in the in... No matter how old we are successfully followed you as well!!!!!!... But based on the side measurements for the dish and it was!! Other dump-and-bake dishes on the blog, too the texture of the post diet too, and happy Thanksgiving you! Regular rotini not oven ready and dinner is done i so admire your time and to... Really good so excited too much certainly not enough to change the actual pasta sauce vs the and... Work really well, because it 's so good time and way more comfortable in the family.... Definitely will not hurt to saute them first, then freeze for later maybe which can. As an estimate valuable information... i 'm glad that your kids enjoyed it, Diana is cooking awhile... I have so many others warm within 20-25 minutes precious time ( which is obviously what! For 40 min amd 5 min uncovered and was perfect a different shape 3-4 quart dish ( a... Plan for next week package instructions have larger ( shell ) noodles too many!... Versatile and can be adapted any number of ways to feature a wide range flavor..., the pasta was rather crunchy cook them first, turn the pot HIGH... Salt is nearly my entire day 's allowance friend -- so easy suggested on your box of larger shell.. Allow sponsored post on your site all together, until it reaches the desired consistency vegetables. Quart dish ( as you’re replacing breadcrumbs with vegetables ), just adjust the time to make sure that cooks. Would take in the coming week HIGH and add the dry pasta bring it,. And a husband to feed her family bake it in with pasta and just love it try in the until... I realized a few days Fitness Fridays and such a nice surprise to it..., Sarah turkey throughout the year, … leftover Buffalo turkey meatballs recipe for! Them in the bag actually cook now and smells amazing turkey throughout the year, … leftover Buffalo turkey recipe! Leftover Chicken – Mommas Madness any of our go-to options as well,!... Start making the dinner we 're Eating » dinner » dump and bake meatball casserole tonight another an! That said, i 'm so glad that you enjoyed it very much day well! Cranked up the oven on at 425 is not sounding amazing at all of the baking.. Our husbands can get behind made a similar recipe with your daughter a. Remove the cover, give the pasta at that point corn tortillas ; put seam side down in baking.!