Source(s): So that's a very big win for the Delena 'shipping community. And guess what? Answer Save. Erasing this moment of realization from Elena's memory had a domino effect of removing every good memory she had of Damon. Mason Greybeck is the son of Linda and Grant Greybeck and has always been pressured by his parents to date only werewolves. A one-stop shop for all things video games. ; Levi's elite squad. Saying that Eren “turned evil” implies some sort of change. Like Ymir's case. Eren's hair is short and dark brown, with his bangs falling naturally into a middle-parted, curtain-type style. Ever since Nina Dobrev announced she would be leaving The Vampire Diaries after Season 6, fans have been clamoring to predict the details surrounding her departure. The main theory is that whatever Grisha injected on Eren was the formula to turn him into a titan, and then he ate his father becoming human again. 9 Answers. That was especially true when it appeared that Damon and Bonnie had been killed in an apocalyptic event at the end of The Vampire Diaries season 5. Though this returned bits and pieces of her memories, it wasn't enough to restore her full, true feelings. Unable to cope with the grief, Elena turned to the newly turned original vampire, Alaric (Matt Davis), and asked that she be purged of knowing she ever loved Damon. It'd basically be like his death sentence and yet no one has even broached the subject. Get your answers by asking now. Kyros' All-out Blow" is the 677th episode of the One Piece anime. 0 0. Similar to when a human becomes a vampire, the transition serves to break any and all past compulsions. Escaping, he was reunited with a newly amnesiac Elena. The question of whether or not Damon will become human again, however, still remains a very big question mark. Still, the return of Elena's memories (and the true depth of the love they shared) served as the icing on the cake of their relationship. After the two disagree for awhile and Yu refuses to listen to what Mika has to say, Yu finally convinces Mika to drink his blood. The discovery of an infant Changeling gives Odo a chance to correct what he sees as the "mistakes" in his upbringing. But, that’s not what the series presents. It also served as a fitting parallel to the moment Elena became a vampire - when she learned of poignant moments with Damon that he'd previously compelled her to forget and which fueled her falling in love with him the first time. In essence, he ultimately believes they rob citizens’ freedoms time after time. However, the third episode might be when Rafael is finally turned back into a human. Right from the opening episode, we see the horrifying world that is Attack on Titan when the Colossal Titan breaks down Wall Maria and lets a horde of Titans flow into the city. Sacrificial Lamb: Eren's mother; killed off in the first episode both to give us an idea of how horrible the Titans are and to motivate Eren to kill them all. Relevance. This is still very much a theory in progress, but it does hint at the trajectory of the next few episodes and puts Eren’s ominous basement back on everyone’s radar. Relevance. A graduate of the University of London, John was raised on a small island by television and movies. John. Debuting in 2009 on The CW, The Vampire Diaries debuted to impressive numbers and ultimately ran for eight seasons and spawned two direct spin-offs in The Originals and Legacies. His hair is short and black, and his bangs fall in a natural, middle-parted, curtain-type style. Eren – An Assassin? Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other cadets join the Scout Regiment to wage war against the Titans. After changing her mind, however, the option was taken out of her hands when Alaric was rendered human by the magical barrier surrounding Mystic Falls. Join our mailing list Eren – An Assassin? His death kickstarts Jean's Character Development. Readers were misguided to think that Eren was cooperating and planning all along with Zeke Yeager (Eren’s brother). "The Legend is Back! Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other cadets join the Scout Regiment to wage war against the Titans. As a human, Eren has an average male physique. That's when he presented her with the cure… and she took it, just like that. The Vampire Diaries season 6 saw Elena Gilbert choose to erase positive memories of Damon Salvatore - here's how that decision was ultimately undone. I'm not saying that there still isn't a chance that Damon will take the cure as well — which, as we found out tonight, could happen simply by feeding on Human Elena's cure-filled blood. He has a fairly long, yet rounded face, and sizable, expressive, teal-green eyes. But let me back up for a minute here…. He has short brown hair and his eyes appear to have a turquoise coloring to them. Readers were misguided to think that Eren was cooperating and planning all along with Zeke Yeager (Eren’s brother). Elena becomes a human on 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 6 Episode 20. Later when Josh clumsily asks Nora if she would like to have sex with him, after being convinced by Ray to try having sex before his transformation, she rebuffs him angrily by threatening sexual harassment charges agai… 2 Answers. As well as rendering her human, the cure also had a … And given that there are only two episodes left this season, the answers are on their way. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. His complexion appears to be somewhat tan. Dylan Sprouse Returns To TV For Mindy Kaling’s Upcoming Comedy Series, The Mandalorian Theory: Moff Gideon Is Taking Baby Yoda To Kamino, Mandalorian Footage Used In Hilarious PSA About Masks. With Damon by her side, Elena got everything she had wished for since becoming a vampire. As soon as the cure entered her system, all of Elena's old memories of Damon started flooding back in.