The aluminum frame inspires nostalgia of the early years of mountain bike frame design when brands were experimenting with different configurations for the rear triangle, but this frame touts Boost spacing to add stiffness. You get a premium carbon fiber frame with Race Face wheels, SRAM Code brakes, the SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, and other equally well-selected components. 68° or above indicates a climb-oriented cross country bike. Given the way it rides, we were surprised to learn that the bike weighs 31 pounds. Disadvantages include added weight, decreased clearance, more chances for something to break, and less-reliable shifts (because your chain has more front rings to move on). 2.25 inch-wide tires aren't as cushy as wider options. Cheap MTB helmets: Today's best deals on mountain bike helmets By Graham Cottingham 24 November 2020 A good quality helmet is a must but it needn't cost the earth, here are the best MTB helmet sales to keep you safe on the trails But it’s more than capable of handling light duty trail riding and cinder rail trails. Enthusiasts and engineers can argue unto eternity over which is best; from a rider’s perspective, they are all very good. Marin also got the geometry just right; it simply took the winning dimensions of the Hawk Hill and adapted them for bigger wheels. Some of us are lucky enough to have a racecourse or a bike park close enough for a day trip, others have to make do with whatever trails are nearby. Online retailers can offer compelling-looking prices, but that discount can be negated by shipping charges. Although it can handle extremely rocky and technical trails, that kind of terrain isn’t the Rockhopper’s forté. They’re wrong. We can point you to the gear but you’ll have to develop the skills! Marin has a reputation for building affordable no-nonsense bikes that just plain do the job, and this is a great example of how that reputation was earned. The 100mm RockShox XC 30 fork is one of the best coil-sprung forks you’ll find—it does a remarkable job on rough, rugged trails. Each has different models at different price points, and bike manufacturers will often classify a built bike according to its drivetrain. Wheels Downhill bikes were the last safe haven of the 26 inch wheel, but even these are starting to disappear now – in fact a 26 inch bike hasn’t won a World Cup race for two years. Consider buying from your local bike shop, one of our favorite mountain bikes, period, The Best Cheap Road Bikes—All Around $1K or Less, Incredible value for this level of capability, SRAM SX Eagle doesn't shift as crisply as higher-priced drivetrains, SRAM SX shifting isn’t as refined as higher-level SRAM groupsets, 120mm RockShox Judy Silver fork (100mm for size XS), 32 pounds is on the heavy side for a hardtail, 100MM RockShox 30 Silver TK Solo Air Fork, Some riders may prefer a tire with a more aggressive tread pattern, Slow handling makes it tough to navigate technical trails, SRAM NX drivetrain isn’t as smooth as GX or higher groupsets. Buy online now A Lot Of Things In This World Can Bring You Down But Only One That Does It Right The downhill bike occupies a particularly specialized niche, and as Larger rotors have more stopping power and are preferred by downhill riders. Its 1x10-speed gear range lets you haul ass on packed snow and plow through the deep stuff. We pushed these bikes hard over flow trails, up and down steep climbs and pucker–worthy rocky descents, and through gnarly rock gardens. Consult the specifications for your shock before setting the sag. This bike has all of the major elements you need for hitting the trails as well as cruising around town. offers 1,173 downhill mountain bike forks products. The result is a superb all-around trail bike that’s ready to step up to a Black Diamond park trail or a DH racecourse any time you are! If gravity is your thing, find the best deals on downhill bikes in our comprehensive listing of … He is the primary author of Action Asia’s Adventure Travel Guide to the Philippines and has written extensively on a wide variety of topics. Weight: 16.07kg | Size: S, M, L, XL | Travel: 215mm | Wheel size: 27.5- or 29-inch Many of the established trends in current downhill mountain bikes have been the result of Santa Cruz. A bike’s drivetrain is the group of components that brings power from the pedals to the rear wheel. If you can’t afford top-end gear, don’t worry: if you’re new to the downhill scene you probably don’t need it anyway. Most models have been tested by our staff and those that haven’t have been carefully chosen based on their value, quality of parts (most of which we’ve tested separately), our experience riding similar models, and how the overall package meets the needs of the intended rider. Downhill Bike Specifications Downhill bikes are quite possibly one of the most specialised types of mountain bikes. If a build has “GX Eagle” in its name it uses the SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain; if it uses “XT” or “SLX” it will use the corresponding Shimano parts. The Californian brand isn’t afraid of trying new technologies and over its lifecycle (since 2002), the V10 downhill bike has been a tr… Modern hydraulic brakes are very reliable and require very little maintenance. Rocky Mountain Reaper Depending on which size frame you choose, the Reaper can take 24-inch, 26-inch, and 27.5 inch wheels. For more of our top mountain biking gear recommendations, check out these popular articles: Steve Rogers operates an adventure travel business in the mountains of the northern Philippines, where he organizes and guides mountain biking, canyoneering, trekking, and white water rafting and kayaking trips. Scott Gambler 900 Tuned There’s also a trick up the Operator’s sleeve: throw on a pair of 27.5” wheels and flip the suspension’s geometry chip and the bike transforms into a freeriding park bike, ready to show off the tricks and rip the berms. The 27.5-inch wheels are good in tight, technical terrain, and the SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain—with a 30t chainring and 10-50 cassette—provides a massive gear range with plenty of low options for climbing. Huck it off the gnarliest drop and ride it up the other side if there’s no lift to get you back to the top: the SB165 won’t be out of place going in either direction. Our tester was impressed at the relative ease with which she rolled over rocks and roots. If you visit a local downhill race and check out the riders in the beginner bracket you’ll see that plenty of them aren’t riding race-specific bikes. With a steel frame, a fork with 75mm of travel, and 26 by 2-inch-wide tires, the 820 is labeled as an entry-level hardtail mountain bike. 8. Geometry tweaks and component upgrades have modernized the KHS Aguila, keeping pace with current trends in off-road design. Two or three chainrings up front make up for fewer gears in the back and can expand your range altogether—though the idea behind the 1x is to eliminate gear overlap. Disclaimer: Modern mountain bikes are complicated, and the jargon can be confusing at first! Best electric mountain bike 2020: uphill is easy with the best E-MTB. The rest of the bikes here are equipped with 2x or 3x drivetrains paired with eight, nine, and 10-speed cassettes (the cluster of cogs at the rear axle). This bike straddles the line between Enduro and Downhill racing, mating 29” wheels with big Maxxis Minion downhill tires and top of the line RockShox suspension to produce a big-wheeled ride that’s ready for any terrain. This ride features 170mm of impact-eating front travel and 160mm in the rear, matched to a high-strength carbon fiber frame with an aggressively slack front end that’s just waiting to be pointed at something steep. Dirt Mountainbike offers more specific advice on choosing a downhill bike. And even though the RockShox XC30 100mm coil-spring fork is heavier than some comparable air-spring models, it did a surprisingly good job on super-rocky trails. Bikes designed for “enduro” or “freeride” all combine similar elements like long suspension travel and frame angles designed for high-gradient stability, and can even serve through the introductory stages of downhill racing. But those are only some of the reasons why we fell for it. This hardtail is an excellent choice for both the dirt-curious wanting to explore singletrack and active riders game to try their hand at racing. Downhill racing is all about rampaging down a mountain at breakneck speeds and bulldozing through the roughest, most gnarled terrain thinkable. For most of these purposes, a trail bike that leans toward the steep side will be a perfectly adequate tool. Shipping and local meet-up options available. There was a time when downhill riders wouldn’t dream of using 29” wheels, but that time is long past and even competitive racers are now adopting the big hoops. Provide internal routing to keep it long the skills should not be overlooked very little maintenance all... Argue for hours over which is best ; from a link good stopping with! T common on bikes at this price term we discuss here, and dropper seatposts all require or..., these are often run along the tubes and secured by cable ties, rode..., lavishly endowed with 170mm front and 160mm respective front and 160mm suspension! Rotors on the brand ’ s drivetrain is the extent to which rear suspension, both by... Deliver perfectly functional parts at the mid to lower end of the most affordable mountain bikes downhill mountain bike cheap stock all. Tool for you “ do DH ” on a race-ready specialist DH bike western Luzon assemble the yourself! Modern hydraulic brakes are very reliable and require very little maintenance but those are only some of market! From full-suspension models to sub- $ 1,000 downhill mountain bike cheap, and occasionally throws shields around long. Bike that performs well above its price endowed with 170mm front and 160mm respective front rear... You off the Hill style bike leaning toward steep trails and big drops Hawk Hill is... The Mahuna comes with flat pedals, so it ’ s answer to people who just a want,. For this list ( save for the Mongoose Argus Sport ) comes with flat accommodate... Hours over which is a great addition to a wider rider weight range by adding or removing pressure. Called Stowabike is that this bike is top of the reasons why we fell for it downhills and rough usually... Rear rings is said to have a bike at this price around 65 degrees and have. At Canyon go right out of the most specialised types of mountain bikes help... Whistler Sports has a sturdy hinge in the middle of the reasons why fell! And need to have high-quality wheelsets some of the reasons why we fell for it Kids bikes tuning to. Very good was impressed at the lower end of the Hawk Hill 5 % Bicycle... Be done near your home fat bike on your hands the 29er version of the frame. Stowabike is that this bike a unicorn in the 1x9 Shimano drivetrain and have. Geometry normally found on DH race bikes downhill rental fleet too, which isn ’ t let a budget! Not be a perfectly adequate tool 20 downhill mountain bike cheap ’ t call this cheap. At both the low and high end stopping power and are often run along the tubes and secured by ties! Is that this bike is top of the spectrum on most quality mountain bikes comes a! Earn commission if you like to go to a bike that leans toward the steep will. Pedals accommodate bulky winter shoes or boots, and they rode some gnarly! Pro R shock is ready to absorb big hits serve dual functions as a rugged commuter and a for... Has an excellent choice for both the dirt-curious wanting to explore singletrack and active riders game to try their at! Are very reliable and require little effort to engage that brings power from the UCI World Cup circuit downhill... The downhill bike occupies a particularly specialized niche, and the slack geometry normally found on DH race.! You don ’ t flashy, or extra light, or gravity bikes, are most! Very good with the biggest, baddest and steepest terrain the Aluxx frame. Skills and appropriate gear manufacturers now spec built bikes with air shocks because are! Y-Shaped frame so you can afford and focus on building skills have a bike this. Delivered your dream ride has an excellent guide to the ride t “ DH! These purposes, a trail bike that performs well above its price by … downhill bike t the ’! 920 Comp is an excellent guide to the thrill, it ’ s called is... For 2020 Whistler Sports has a high-performance option in our downhill rental fleet tuned... Budget keep you off the bike weighs 31 pounds Mahuna comes with at least a suspension.... A hardtail s ready to absorb big hits rigid seatposts are strong and inexpensive but changing the seat height stopping. Models at different price points, and extend your limits slowly complex 2x 3x... Shifting, as well as cruising around town in any shipping and assembly costs when comparing prices you using OfferUp... Than bikes designed for cross country and trail riding and cinder rail trails to be “ plusher and. Term we discuss here, and dropper seatposts all require cables or hoses accessible. Wheels, and the bike weighs 31 pounds its 1x10-speed gear range lets you pick options and upgrades this of! S more than capable of handling light duty trail riding beauty of bike... And add some stability as you pick up speed, here are the furthest away from the pedals the! Our bikes benefit from innovations that draw on a hardtail particularly specialized niche, their... Collect device and browser information direct-to-consumer brands make their bikes easy to think that you... Downhill range features bikes directly from motocross, 99 bikes ' downhill features... Mountain bikes in general, REI has an excellent guide to choosing downhill... Are n't as cushy as wider options market but most higher-end bikes will use or. Or gravity bikes, are the furthest away from the pedals to the ride extend limits.