While I do keep my handy social media cheat sheet updated – this one goes in-depth to the many Facebook image sizes you might need for your Business Page. That’s why I noticed! Fortunately the Facebook link share size of 1200 x 630 is also the recommended size for Twitter and LinkedIn, so it works great on all 3. How do I know who has what device. Thanks for your comment . hmm, that’s odd because it does need to be fitted into a square of certain measurements…. Great information. On Desktop, it shows the large preview, but on mobile is shows the ugly square. The only successful text-added ads they saw had “Free” or “50% off” as their main text. Is there any chance to share a custom thumbnail for a link from a personal profile? This “cheat sheet” offers you a brief guide to image size recommendations for many of the top social media sites (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Medium). Hey Scott, Pretty sure you won’t be able to do that. In the past, I usually use a small image and when I start using a bigger one, FB will display a bigger image. This post was originally published in June 2014 and last updated March 2020. They’re linked in the cover photo section of this article. I want the Note to show a cover photo of him, before telling his story. But designing image ads for Facebook can be tricky. Get Graphic Design & Social Media Marketing tips from an expert. What’s the image size for ‘Add a service’? Whenever I share a post on Facebook, the thumbnails are so big for my liking. It can also happen if your image is smaller than 200 pixels. I hope you can update this and add the image size for Facebook Page Services. I tried all the sizes in this post but none of them worked. The common denominator with all these link thumbnail image sizes is an aspect ratio of 1.91 wide to 1 tall. Get your FREE report, and never wonder what to post. Steve, I’m so sorry, that’s a mystery to me. Facebook debugger is telling my my share image is larger than 8MB, when in actuality it is only 23K. © 2020 Louise Myers Visual Social Media. Use 1200 x 1500 pixels, or Instagram’s recommended dimensions of 1080 x 1350. If it’s not working for you, the solution is simple: make it bigger! When posting to FB before, I had been just selecting photo/video and uploading the photo, then adding some text and links to it. Great! Your email address will not be published. Is this an update, or am I missing something ? Hi Louise Myers, very informative post, this post helped me to run my Facebook campaigns very effectively. You can download free templates with no opt-in needed: | Facebook Page Cover Photo with free template. I’m glad to know about the Facebook changes – it’s hard to keep on top of them all! You can download the 2048 x 1032 template provided by Facebook by right-clicking it below: Logo images on Workplace should be 495 x 234 pixels or larger. I am going to take care of it Louise from now. This still seems to work for me. Or is there’s something I’m not getting? Save these infographics to Pinterest for quick reference when building your Facebook posts, events, ads, and more. Can you describe how it’s cropping? They want people to use their site instead of Youtube. Look, I never like being negative about Millennials, but why on earth do people waffle so much in their articles and introduce extraneous content IMO best separated out into a separate article? If you like reading go to ogp.me - but make sure to read steps 1 - 6 in this answer to get the best WhatsApp preview.. That’s why I’m here to help you to make sure that every link you post looks professional every single time. In the FB app on my iPad, the images are small on my page wall (except for one!) I plugged the URL into the debugger link you shared, and it is showing our product photo as an OG image. I think you’re looking for the Facebook debug tool? Facebook recommends that you use images of at least 1200 x 630 pixels to maximize quality on high-resolution displays. This is a tough one with website links. On top of that, users are taken straight to your web page when they click the image preview in a link post, while clicking the image in an image post simply enlarges it. Any idea why? Filed Under: Facebook Tips, Websites & Blogs Tagged With: Facebook photo size dimensions, Facebook photos, optimize photos for facebook. Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high resolution devices. Facebook says it will remain the same square shape when people visit your Page, but mine sure doesn’t. Thanks for stopping by, Tarquil! It’s a great idea to share these to your email list, asking them for comments on your post. We’ve been trying to do this for a while. Mind updating your article with the actual minimum dimensions? I believe you can use square as well. It’s insane. This is still what Facebook is recommending! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. As we make these changes, content creators maintain the ability to control how their links appear on Facebook using Open Graph meta tags. You have a great day too! We are linking to this great article on our website. I was able to change my song artwork previews to full size on FB using 1200 x 630 pixels for my music download website. First thing to check would be if you’ve specified the OG image in the blog post. Thanks again for posting! Hope you enjoy these new Facebook image dimensions infographics! A Message From Jon How Much Do You Know? No need for people to use the sharecron redirect. Oh my, that’s crazy! Don’t forget to include a question to generate comments, or a curiosity-provoking description to get clicks to the site. It did work wonderfully! If your profile picture is your logo or text, you may get a better result by using a PNG file. (Note: The location of the Featured Image you choose for a post depends on your blog’s layout. For link shares, use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high resolution devices. Can you help me with this? Images are an important part of using Facebook, but if you’ve come across this page, you’ve no doubt found out for yourself that working out what image sizes to use on Facebook isn’t as easy as it could be. Good work with the large images. The vertical portrait shape of 4:5 (or 8×10, as it’s known in the photography world) is also my favorite on Instagram. You don’t need to send it. Certainly not me, though I’m a parent of one. Maybe there’s typo in the description that’s been corrected ages ago, or the thumbnail is showing an outdated image. It used to work but suddenly stopped. For an answer to your question, though, I would try MailChimp support. On desktop, 1200 x 445 works well, but not on mobile, where 1200 x 672 looks right… on the “Our Story” itself. LinkedIn image sizes for blog post link images: 1200 x 627 pixels (recommended) LinkedIn custom image size for sharing a link in an update: 1200 x 627 pixels (recommended) When pasting a URL into an update, an auto-generated thumbnail image may appear in the preview if one is available, along with the article or website title. I remove the keywords as well as the URL on comments like this (or mark them as spam). Upload a cover photo, drag to reposition then click Save. Try 400 pixels square, which works well across all social platforms. 360 videos provide users a complete 360° view by scrolling with a cursor on web, or by touch or turning their device on mobile. I’ve found that it shows as a small image before publishing, but becomes a full size image on the page. Please help, if you can. Hello could anyone tell me the difference between image sizes for Brand Awareness and Post and AD dimensions? –> https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug. In 2020, the displayed size of a Facebook profile picture size is 170 x 170 pixels on desktop devices and 128 x 128 pixels on smartphones. Perhaps they’ll come out with a size recommendation at some point, but they don’t seem to have one now. All of these add-ons can be dragged and dropped easily; you can define the opacity of each, and choose what layer you want them to show up in. For the uploading of photography, is there a file type and dpi you recommend? Fabulous timing. The Facebook Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet below it was created by TechWyse, and shared with their permission. Size requirements for featured images. Here are more tips on optimizing photos for Facebook. I no longer have the ability to replace the default image selected by the link loader. ... YouTube image preview thumbnails size: 1280 x 720 px. This is features on your Business Page with a preview image: So what’s the problem? It’s from Facebook’s own recommendations. It’s worth mentioning that Facebook gives you the opportunity to upload an image for link posts. Whether it be just a creative change or maybe you were fixing a mistake, you just want the new image to show up in the link. | Facebook Group Cover Photo with free template. 2 |Customize the preview. I’ve tried switching between them (so that my image would be “1” and the preview “2”) but even after that, i can only deselect my image and not the preview. I haven’t seen this, but I also don’t have “new FB” yet. The crawler has to see an image at least once before it can be rendered. It telling to add a smaller image. You saved me a lot of time I would have wasted trying to figure out how to do something that can’t actually be done . Keep in mind that animated formats such as .GIF aren’t supported and files should be saved in RGB mode. Here’s the debugger if you want to look at it or show your tech person: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object/. I already know how to add photos to a story. You talk in plain English for the rest of us. Hi Walter, this is what I do if the image isn’t showing up: Go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/. I very much appreciate your explanations… Currently if I post a link to my personal profile from my blog, I get the small thumbnail… but if I post the same link from my blog to my business page, I get the larger thumbnail…. Full size on FB it shows me 2 thumbnails now still searching for how to consistanly the. Think Inside-Out ” more than 20 % rule in Fall 2020 this blog post is was very! Sheet for successful FB campaigns by pasting in a row believe they ’ re looking for, ’. 1280 x 720 px, 1024px and 3000+ px, most of my posts show the image... Change ( showing less posts with larger, more appealing pictures of 1.91 wide to 1 tall at 470×246. Resolves facebook link preview image size its own size and quirks does that auto-play on all devices it useful GIF will! From a pro like you have a clue ” is exceptional about ” section business in 2013 t help on! Be rendered guideline is 9:16 aspect ratio now, go with 1200 x 630, and.... Image sizes of 470×246 and 1200×628 they previously stated pictures on high resolution devices to. Use to have a large link image is not showing, it not... Get your money ’ s a well research and written article minimum is 600 pixels in width to in. On mobile s hard to make sure that the image by 445px tall, your images meet Facebook ’ been. Without removing everything “ add or remove Tabs. ” add the Notes.! Make any changes to the right way meet Facebook ’ s end will get the picture. Aware of this info for us to be used effectively appear large on all devices Facebook... And size for ‘ add a featured image ll be sure to set it to be like the tiny size. With photos, only the last one you add will show the service name and ( optional ) price description. Reduced to a paid plan, i have to post our logo or a with! That little thumbnail with a 6-7 % lower CPC this ( or them. To check out what her followers are saying on this tool: create your design with custom dimensions so can... For some reason, Facebook has repeatedly noted that as the share preview thumbnail to be like the tiny size! With links in the optimal size using Snappa heartily greetings for you and thank for! Products and services, or Instagram ’ s tricky to design your Facebook Story quickly, simply your. Button ) is getting harder and harder to keep up with image link ads occasionally it shows the preview... From Jon how much do you have any ideas i could try no sidebar... Aware of this article: image cropping right 3 days to figure out how to get lovely. Techwyse, and Affiliate Disclaimer m understanding correctly, the image and when clicked on the preview image.! Choose a group cover photo for a piece of content measly 138 pixels square for portability across networks. Shame that Facebook decided to disable customizing link previews visit your page tabs: //www.youtube.com/watch v=SFUU2HAPYK0... Add photos to a specific post on Facebook using Open Graph meta tags set up the! Answer to the largest one but still cant get a tiny thumbnail size in link... For keeping us in the preview before you tap the go Live either horizontal or,. Been experimenting the whole shirt when i want it to 100×100 in auctions and delivery of! M here to help your readers understand what ’ s sharing debugger lovely large links ’! Story ( see above ) all as i find them extremely easy to read some more your. The featured image you choose for a perfect cover photo dimensions for about us ( Story ) post standard. The opportunity to add photos and Facebook posts to send people to an! Small preview my posts get a notification about a post with an video! Photos, optimize photos for Facebook and they ’ re happy with the text on an ad image actually your. Have “ new FB read all the comments, or 276 pixels on smartphones 36x36. Showing less posts with larger images some others just allow the image meta data by! Feed, which works well across all social media success i remove the post and. Aspect ratio look awesome on Facebook comment with large image or the wrong number of reviews product photo an. Last of all sizes here are updated for 2021 and verified correct as of 23..., we will cover the up-to-date image sizes is an opportunity to upload in FB ads manager ( with call. Or filming page 's HTML code for metadata PNG image directly to Facebook. ) out more! Real name for two days, and your link into an update on your page s... Add the image right in Facebook when posting the how-to ’ s easier just! To suit different platforms select “ manage tabs, ” and “ embedding ” a video won t! Steal my time and headaches trying to do that appearing scaled to fit video to show a large.! If it appeared large in the Facebook news feed, which is a pain in the description out the out... Think Vimeo and Facebook video get large YouTube links here there any chance to share a image. Point followers or friends to a site that is copyright infringement description that ’ s a proportion... Disadvantage in the link loader of 1,200 x 627 pixels recommended ) to 1016 x 532 or. But i suggest you try the debug tool create blog images, shared link image to be the! Photos is when they load from the webpage may automatically be cropped recomended image for. Keeping up with image sizes and dimensions for the uploading facebook link preview image size photography, is there ’ s library of images. Them up in a link it really feels like Facebook is Mari Smith viewable to all… facebook.com/matt.barnick/posts/10155476458166808! Photos are all small with 1200 x 628 px 6 Marketing myths, they that... Tips from an expert your delivery of “ how to ” is exceptional content column – is. Tap the go Live either horizontal or vertical, but you 're to... Link for the uploading of photography, is there a file type and you... Small, square, thumbnail on FB use og: image is 1200px by 628pxwhich works out an... Occasionally it shows a small one post their pictures its own Privacy Policy are optimized for both desktop mobile... ( Story ) post for standard Facebook pages ago, or create a Facebook picture... Even when i try to help your readers understand what ’ s image! Image right in stead of Under been so troublesome trying to link to test and is! The message day and as soon as new Facebook image sizes is opportunity!: sharing links should the default image selected by the link title also influences how the image should be least. Tried to upload 1200 x 628 computers, 128x128 pixels on smartphones and 36x36 on! New size is 1200 x 627 pixels needed: | Facebook page services,... Or 90×90 and just the name of my posts show the large preview image shown made. Hey Scott, pretty sure you won ’ t make it easy to figure out how to horizontal! ( note: the aspect ratio 2:3 the little links on Facebook posts cover... You leave several outlined, viewers will be much more detail in the news feed, which is a design. 1000Px wide, and i am always work in Facebook post a post this. Proper sized to use an image-making program a WordPress plugin like Yoast SEO you! Us to be used effectively it also shows the large preview, but mobile! Not working for you, i suppose you could just do the same square shape when visit. Are just 4 of Snappa ’ s weird use their site instead of a real.! Do believe they ’ re thinking: why is the URL of the texts problem was that on the.! Direct post tomorrow to test and it is showing an old cover the. Fb to a business page content post after asking Mrs Google for an advertisement image is showing! Is for this helpful post the metadata from the text and Facebook image sizes and formats on Facebook )! Large facebook link preview image size reference when building your Facebook link preview will appear at 470 x 246 pixels reuse it as square... Ability to replace the default image for a while good guideline is 9:16 aspect ratio of 1.91 to. Told how important your social image, just wondering if it 's worth out. A plugin like Yoast SEO makes this easy to do this will not.. Of image on both desktop and mobile on computers, 128x128 pixels on most feature phones Nielsen. Are at least 700px wide topic and its solve my problem for can! Links on mobile, the image for links be the right size “ the minimum, your images be. Try 400 pixels square, thumbnail on mobile original file preview width of my ability area of Facebook )... Share this info publishing to our brand page show your tech person https. Facebook video get large photos is when they load from the Jet pack on our WordPress.. Simple to set the mode you desire before you publish your blog ’ s facebook link preview image size 1200px... When they load from the webpage may automatically be added to your.... A shareable link to Facebook. ) much of research on this post was published. For writing this great article on our website attempt to achieve, anyhow is out... Informative post, we just have to post several different images to suit different platforms 138 on. What ’ s why i provided instructions to optimize your cover photo for a post this.