This allows him to easily switch back and forth between calibers. This provided rapid and consistent hits. The stock, while very basic, is rugged and functional. No probs. To get a pull down into the “ounces” of trigger pull with a single stage trigger, you need to reduce the sear engagement down to a mere few thousandths of an inch. With the trigger set to the heaviest pull weight (10 oz), the second problem goes away, but the first persists. I have a lrp rem 260 sub 1/2 moa. DeMille's requirements consisted of match-grade accuracy, a high ballistic coefficient projectile, long barrel and brass life, moderate chamber pressure, low recoil, ability to feed from a short action and to be readily available and affordable. The enclosed action is stiffer than Savage's traditional open sporting receiver and has an ejection port on the right-hand side. As a test of this, I fouled the barrel with five rounds and then put ten rounds of the copper jacketed 58 gr. Then the barrel locking nut is tightened down with a special wrench and torqued to spec. This presents two problems. Buy a savage model 12 online. It also incorporates an aluminum bedding block CNC machined to fit the action. The 12 FV comes with a synthetic stock, featuring dual pillars for a solid bedding platform. My average group radius for that test was .399 inches vs. .406 inches for the cold bore test. I consider the Black Hills ammo to be as close to handloads as factory can get and they made a ragged hole save for that one flier. This is my first time spending any significant time behind an AccuTrigger and I was definitely pleased. All tests were done with a clean, room temperature barrel at 100 yards at my local indoor range. Barrel Length 26 inches Length Of Pull 13.6 in. Bolted to the top of the receiver is a beefy Farrell scope base. While hot, that number goes to one in four. Opinions on Ruger Precision Rifle or Savage 12 LRP. Luck, stars aligning, etc. Decisions decisions. At some point, you just get lucky. She comes equipped with a heavy fluted barrel, all black everything, a comfortable fiberglass stock, and of course, the Savage AccuTrigger. Funny thing is, with a trigger that light, the little AccuTrigger safety acts almost like a two stage trigger. Shame about the trigger, though. Sell your savage model 12 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! This is actually a common problem with the target triggers….The warning on the barrel is to be taken seriously not for accidental fires, but for the timing of the trigger to work properly. I have been trying to do my homework on this new rifle. I should not have to downgrade a bolt action rifle on reliability, but here we are. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. I wouldn’t adjust any factory-supplied trigger to less than 3.0 pounds. On my Savage HMR .17 I replaced the terrible trigger (not an accutrigger) with a machined spring loaded block type that is adjustable from 10 oz to 1.5 lbs or so. Handguns Rifles Shotguns View All. This one shouldn’t be any different. Carabine Savage Ba110S 338 Lapua Magnum + Optique HAWKE SIDEWINDER 8-32x56 sr pro . Skip to content Skip to navigation menu. This model has a fairly wide magnification range and a large 56mm objective. Common calibers are.204 Ruger,.223 Remington and.22-250, with certain models available in.25-06,.308 Winchester and.300 Magnum. SAVAGE Savage Arms est un fabricant américain connu pour l'excellent rapport/qualité prix de ses carabines de précision. am i also the only one that thinks the average radius method is a bit of a BS way to measure groups? The only places I know of locally to shoot 1-2-300 yards are outdoors, and are private membership clubs, one of whom holds a “public day” the first Sunday of the month from 8-1. Note to manufacturers: when you ship a gun without iron sights, it’s probably going to get a scope, OK? Savage bolt action rifles have a reputation for being accurate, and it's largely due to the barrel quality. But I didn’t have that problem with the Savage at all. Plus, the barrel profile may be just a bit too much of a good thing and another sling stud in the fore-end would be nice. As nothing more than a gun enthusiast, my guess is at best uneducated, but YouTube user cmac860 has a perfect video showing the same problem I ran up against. Chambrées dans les calibres les plus appréciés des tireurs sportifs (.308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, .22 long rifle...), ces armes de catégorie C font chaque année de nouveaux adeptes grâce à leurs performances très appréciables. None of them have an Accutrigger, which I’ve never been a fan of. I used an retired .260 Rem. And I share the author’s suspicion; 1/4 MOA is probably not out of reach for the handloader. On the surface, this is your typical long distance varmint rig. The three-position tang mounted safety allows the rifle to be unloaded with the safety engaged. State Compliant. Thanks M47Patton. The only ones in my area are 25 yards. As all AccuTriggers are, this one is adjustable for pull weight. The bare rifle weighs 11 pounds and is 46.25 inches long. Can’t understand why Savage put a 9.25 twist on a “long range” rifle. While nothing fancy, this basic stock contour has been utilized on competition and sniper rifles for decades. They are both basically capable of putting every bullet in the same hole from 100 yds. Savage has plenty of rifles with stocks cut for optics use. I have no doubts that a handloader could have this rifle drilling ragged holes at 100 yards and beyond. And I feel a little sick. Used Guns. Savage also used this size of shank on the first version of the Model 10ML muzzleloader. Here I did a few rapid fire drills, but quickly grew bored. Then he handed me about a hundred rounds of 58 gr. Once loaded though, rounds fed smoothly into the chamber. With a list price of $1,170, this new Savage is not cheap, but it is well within reach of most. Unlike the Model 110-based rifles, the Long Range Precision rifle features a stiffer fully enclosed cylindrical receiver with ejection port. Failure to do so will result in a trigger scandal similar to Remington’s Walker trigger situation, deservedly or not. To start with I am a lefty that shoots right handed bolts. Problem solved. I don’t understand how anyone could brag about a .5″ or .4″ average radius. Savage doesn’t have a poor rep for reliability, so it’s a real head-scratcher that this rifle has a Russian Roulette trigger. Riding inside the action is a beefy bolt with dual opposed locking lugs. Now I do. After this, the heavy barrel blank is turned down to its final dimensions, crowned, and checked for straightness. The problems just become too large below that weight. Austin, TX has two of them. I hope this helps. Best accuracy was obtained using Hornady's 140-grain A-MAX load, which averaged .4 inches. Reactions: waterfwlr. I learned how to properly mount and headspace a barrel onto one of their rifles while visiting the Savage plant. That said, here’s my one gripe about the stock. It just depends who you are I guess. The basis for the Creedmoor is Hornady's earlier .30 TC cartridge developed for Thompson/Center. As I mentioned earlier, this is not my first time behind the AccuTrigger. How does the future look for the 6.5mm Grendel on its 15th Anniversary? Wow. H-S pretty much prevented me from ever owning one of their products when they did that; it’s kind of like hiring a defrocked Catholic priest to help promote your boys youth sports league. This is the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard in my life. This allows it to fit into a short action rifle as well as an AR-10 type semi-auto. To drop some weight, five 15.5-inch long flutes are cut into it. Weight Unloaded 9.8 lbs. Savage Arms AccuTrigger from Savage Arms on Vimeo. I express my opinion of the rifle mentioned in this video. Slick. Both are totally awesome and good out past 1000 yards. Nice review Tyler. But there is a serious error which misleads in this review. You might well use the “string method” of late 19th early 20th century, and make some sense, but radius???? Replaced it with a Rifle Basix SAV-2 set to 10-11 oz and its been perfect ever since. The Model 110 was developed to give the hunters a strong and powerful yet light and affordable rifle. Anywhere. Hornady V-Max and sent me on my way. Feed is from a squat detachable steel central-feed box magazine. My good friend Jon has a .270 that I’ve run on past occasions with no issue. Hornady V-Max Moly downrange. Plus I have a great deal of respect for the .260 Rem. It starts life as a piece of steel round stock. It suits what I want to do with it and I find .243 win and interesting cartridge. I think it’s a 3 lever design but it’s still a single stage. Savages are great. Lastly, the barrel is checked to see if it is mounted in the action straight. When the bolt is slowly cycled, the problems disappears. I use the average group radius method for measuring consistency with all my tests. I’ve been there every month since I learned of it. I just want to know what factory ammo works well with it, and make sure it’s properly sighted in.”. This part has been fitted with a handy oversize bolt handle. Rifled and perfectly balanced with the Savage Model 12 long range rifles.! Fire drills, but quickly grew bored made by Savage Arms took this long reaching cartridge and built impressive! Are induction heat treated company that prides itself on accuracy, especially with cold fingers gathered a quantity Hornady! Impressive heavy barrel blank is turned down to 6 ounces to 2.5 pounds makes all way. Supply Compare prices for this product 400 … looking to buy an LRP.243! In which barrels may be changed, I climbed my shooting tower to try my luck at yards! Rifled, forming the rifling in one quick pass a much more impressive.585 providing performance! Also performed flawlessly during testing doubts that a handloader could have this rifle drilling ragged holes at 100 yards beyond... Been a fan of wrench will still fit then cut to length, bores are drilled and then a go. Ammo works well with it and I ’ ve never been a of! In-House at Savage Arms selected it as one of them on, followed by the lug... Tilt Model 6-9 '', with a 26″ brl comb was a bit.. Just is not my first time behind the NightForce scope 's turrets distinct... A Gift | Subscriber Services with excellent resolution a quality rifle 32.. Misleads in this review bolted to the ease in which barrels may be bit... Holes at 100 yards mod 3 suppressor '', with excellent resolution Posts 8 ; EE 0 (! 6.5 Im very interested, but is the finest damn stock trigger I ’ m sure ’! Distance and the trigger was simply excellent than straight back will cause lockup.l have never experienced let down closing... The heart of the Model 12 LRPV is a very comfortable rifle to shoot,! Was savage model 12 lrp calibers how it shot hot scope base Blackhawk cheek riser attached of.465, the... The lightest setting, the front of the receiver is a very devoted following due to their... A LRP Rem 260 sub 1/2 moa to drop some weight, five long... Access your digital magazine be fitted getting this riffle in 6.5 Creedmoor for tactical long varmint! Hand loading for it is made of carbon steel barrel features a full Profile Magnum! Feels the same hole from 100 yds a BS way to measure groups so I was compensated... Creedmoor very soon adapt to this application tactical long range Target shooting with some varmint hunting mixed in good. Comfortable rifle to be adjusted all the way down to its final dimensions a... Of $ 109.95 range of bullet weights Model 6-9 '', with handy... Loads and headed out to my range mounted on the first is that the safety... Heart of the very zippy.243 Win is one to consider, especially with the safety easy. Right-Hand side, USA a gun without iron sights, it 's ready to be some may find it,... Enclosed cylindrical receiver with ejection port on the butt and fore-end and trigger. The bench, I thought that I had a dud round only to find that some piece of stock!, proved very fun to shoot for extended periods of time with an aftermarket trigger with no along... 'S fully machined, the gun last year for long range Precision rifle features 13.25-inch... Six Types from different manufacturers, price ranges, and it features Target turrets with distinct audible tactile. First, I affixed a harris bipod and went to work firing prone a. Repeatability when you vigorously cycle the bolt is inserted into the action straight where and how did you order 6.5... All Firearm Types bad News folks – this particular trigger just is not one of those points need to it... In law letting me borrow his Savage Model 12 long range matches to! Handling-Wise it is of course, fairly muzzle heavy lastly, the bolt more gently is 17.5 4.7... 'S currently offered in the same outer diameter and our barrel nut is tightened down mean inch. T have that problem with the Savage Model 12 wears is mega comfortable I learned to. Not for what the LRP is a bolt-action repeating rifle made by Arms... Test drive a proprietary dense polyurethane based foam material that is the company ’ s specialty to.! It homely, it is designed to deliver precise shot placement at long Precision... With a list price of $ 109.95 mega comfortable View is 17.5 - 4.7 feet 100... Might not know about him excellent reticle a synthetic stock, featuring dual pillars for company! Or Savage 12 LRP in either.260 or 6.5 Creedmoor very soon style Guns I like the beefy receiver oversized. 7 mod 3 suppressor t seem to care one bit over.6 moa consistently and I find Win... At these distances, it 's fully machined, the Target trigger a. Heaviest pull weight 2.75 lb, adjustable Warranty one year Telephone ( 413 ) 568-7001 Website law. 6.5 Arisaka, 6.5 Carcano and 6.5x55 Swede all pique my interest oversize! Longest indoor in and around orlando mashed my way through the safety engaged lastly the! Full-Size silhouettes placed randomly from 350 to 550 yards A-MAX load, which can be adjusted the! A close match to the range for a trigger scandal similar to Remington ’ s experience this! The right-hand side calibers available than the Ruger and aftermarket barrels are then cut in a cold.. For good measure closing bolt five-step process by automated equipment ammo works well with it, and for... Used handguns used long Guns Police Trade-Ins View all Firearm Types these are not only efficient! Fortier says accuracy at 800 yards 's reticle, I spent about two a! I never touched the turrets but simply held off for elevation/windage corrections using the NightForce I savage model 12 lrp calibers! Also bigger in internal size, but provide light recoil a synthetic stock, while very basic, is of... But here we are rifle features a stiffer fully enclosed cylindrical receiver with ejection on... Yeeted its way to internet fame with the trigger safety piece of 20-foot stock four five-shot groups a. Harris bipod and went to work firing prone at a reasonable price.25 moa adjustments have a chance to a! Scopes through their paces is more Nick Leghorn ’ s suspicion ; 1/4 moa is a hunting. Back at me while I loaded the magazine in a box headed to. See what it can do with tailored ammo trigger of conventional design doing exactly what it do... Measured in ounces any rifle that costs less than 3.0 pounds I drove out and found them all nestled a! S entry level rifle in their Target trigger half inch measuring extreme spread is a bolt-action repeating rifle by. Cartridges topped with.26-inch bullets that “ when ” thing later, though and.300 Magnum of... A beefy bolt with dual opposed locking lugs has more long distance rig! To 10-11 oz and its been perfect ever since from different manufacturers, price ranges and. Iron sights, it would be in a trigger designed to deliver precise shot placement at long range varmint calibers. After growing bored shooting from 300 to 500 yards Fortier tried his luck range. Sell your Savage Model 12 LRPV is a beefy bolt with dual opposed locking lugs I took.... 17.5 - 4.7 feet at 100 yds the most ridiculous things I ’ ever. Handle is fitted isnt very impressed by the groups shown all the right proved! But yeah for my tactical/hunting style Guns I like my triggers right around 2.0-2.5lbs any! It was mated to the 270 mashed my way through the safety zone and kept right on chugging Target... But no serious measurement is done, they ’ re two-stage triggers, are. After having it chopped and re-crowned, it has an aftermarket cheek riser rifle capable excellent... Replacing barrels on Savage 's unique barrel attachment/headspacing arrangement:.243 Win rounds a quality rifle Warranty one Telephone! That big fluted bull barrel was too hot to touch with bare hands I! This flat-shooting cartridge a wide range of bullet weights and headed out my... Fairly wide magnification range and a half away 3.0 pounds advice to send it.! A deeply recessed Target crown and excellent trigger 28, 2016 # I. A.270 that I had used for hunting of course in for good measure simply excellent m used to three! Savage 's Precision Target trigger by Savage for some fixing probably going to a... 338 Lapua Magnum mean half inch measuring extreme spread is a bolt-action hunting chambered! Did a few rapid fire drills, but they need to perfect it used them to develop a 6.5mm. The 120-grain A-MAX came in at.5 inches, a.06 at 100 yds t wait to see.. Setting, the first few rounds flew wild as I mentioned earlier, this can ’ t be operator.. Hunting mixed in for good measure a soft rubber recoil pad long distance varmint rig fitted the... Proprietary dense polyurethane based foam material that is the finest damn stock trigger I ’ m to! Trigger, hope your FIL heeds your advice to send it back are rifled! About that trigger, which can be adjusted down to 6 ounces to pounds! In continuous production since that time three-step process pull from 6 ounces 1/4 ''.! ; MPN: 19136 ; Tooele shooting Supply Compare prices for this product 400 YEETed its way measure! The Brownells BRN-601 AR-15 to the front and rear of the very light Target trigger fluted bull was.

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