Offered for sale is a great example of a Winchester/Miroku 1885 Limited Series .405 Winchester High Wall Rifle. Winchester 1885 LTD .405 Win. Offered for sale is a great example of a Winchester/Miroku 1885 Limited Series .405 Winchester High Wall Rifle. Winchester's 1885 High Wall Hunter is a classic style single shot falling block lever-action Model 1885 High Wall rifle, crescent butt plate, checkered straight grip … His incredibly fertile mind brought us everything from the plebia… The remaining metal has a smooth brown patina. Seller: Wildwood Inc Wildwood Inc. $1,595.00. And 400gn at 2150 is in 450/400 NE territory. Hunter Rimfire. "...the designer of the .270 Ingwe cartridge!...". Shooting and discussing John Browning's first successful firearms design, the 1885 High Wall. The original design Winchester 1885 has not been ... especially in the Winchester Creedmoor model. Its hammer is automatically cocked when the under lever is operated to lower the breechblock for loading. If your rifle is used for hunting or In its day, the .405 was regarded about like we now think of something like a .375, not something that the average guy really needed. Ammo That is not a valid Model 1885 serial number (one too many digits). Lot #138: Browning Model 1885 High Wall Single Shot Rifle. Serial number 235 was the first Model 1885 made in that cartridge (11/23/1885), and it was a Special Sporting Rifle. 18 Items Set Descending Direction. Winchester - 45-70Govt - Model 1885 High Wall Trapper Limited Series - Lever Action - Satin-Finish Walnut Stock/Blued, 16.5"Barrel, Ladder Style Adjustable Rear Sight, Mfg# 534146142, S/N 00036MN85D Gauge. Winchester 1885 .405 Win caliber rifle. Especially with that steel buttplate, ouch! 28” Round barrel with a very good bore with some roughness toward the muzzle. Micrometer measurement showed that none of these loads expanded the bases of any cases but, out of caution, one should reduce powder charges by 5% for initial loads. They also have made a few .405's in a "sporter" model, with a sensible stock: Don't know about the relative strength of the #1 and the 1885 but I did work up some high velocity loads in my stainless #1. They are indeed quite the loads. Type. Winchester High Wall 45-90 Colorado Gun Description: Winchester Model 1885 High Wall Single Shot Rifle; Serial No. 1885 High Wall Classic 32" .45-70 $2,138.00. I'm not sure I'd want to shoot anything more stout than the standard 300 @ 2200 fps. Our rifle is in .40-65, an old-time cartridge that is enjoying a well-deserved comeback. These single shot lever-actions make up the core family of Model 1885 rifles currently being produced by Winchester Repeating Arms. With an 1885 High Wall single shot sporting rifle or carbine from Uberti, you can relive a time when rifle shooting was more than a pastime. 1889 Caliber: 32-40 Action Type: Single shot falling The Winchester Model 1885 is a single-shot rifle with a falling-block action. If the 1885 is one of the Traditional Hunter models with the sharp pointed crescent buttplate, I imagine they'd hurt like a SOB with any stout loads. Winchester 1885, , March 20, 2018, Uberti 1885 High Wall, Winchester 1885 Low Wall 22LR, 1885 Gun, Winchester Falling Block Rifle, Winchester 1885 Musket, Winchester 44 70 Rifle, Winchester 1885 Buttstock, Winchester 1886 Low-Wall, Winchester 1885 Rifle, Winchester 1885 Scope Mount, Winchester 1885 High Wall Hunter, Winchester 1885 Low Wall Schematic, Winchester 32 40 Rifle, 22 Rifle … Winchester 1885 Single Shot High Wall Rifle .405 WCF s/n 105544 mfg 1907 – 24" #3-1/2 round barrel; blued receiver; case hardened hammer, lever, trigger & breech block; Marble ivory bead front, semi-buckhorn rear & Lyman combination tang sights; walnut stocks w/ebony insert schnabel forend & Winchester rubber shotgun buttplate.

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