Since you have a very specific goal in mind, when you read, you only read the relevant part (s) and ignore the irrelevant. But there are two things we have not done - two things that we need to do after the reading. Are sharks found in rivers as well as in the oceans? The symbols are typically visual (written or printed) but may be tactile (). Your eyes move quickly all over the text; from left to right, up or down. They are even found in fresh water, sometimes swimming many miles up rivers like the Mississippi in the USA and the Amazon in Brazil. The biggest sharks of all are not at all dangerous to humans. If you are looking for certain information, you can skim quickly until you find it. It includes very close accurate reading for detail. Sharks are found in rivers as well as in the seas and oceans. After some practice, you could perform this 'anticipation-confirmation of anticipation' process mentally instead of actually writing the key words. Slow down when you see them. How big are sharks? Collocation with advanced levels 1 - not entirely...proper/appropriate/good? The Klamath Indians - Reading for Specific Information; The Klamath Indians - Reading for Specific Information . When a student scans, he looks over the selection quickly to locate the particular piece of information he needs and reads only that information, but carefully. If you have done all of the above steps in 30 seconds, congratulations! So in my next article I will outline a four stage process. You could use the list as an exercise for scanning. The biggest sharks are around 6 metres in length and weigh up to 2000 kilograms. Reading efficiently, as you have already seen in Units 1 and 2, means adjusting one’s reading speed and style to match the purpose for which we read. First we need to provide a context. Reading skills for academic study: Scanning for specific information. Make use of headings. Animal band quiz. Intensive reading activities include skimming a text for specific information to answer true or false statements or filling gaps in a summary, scanning a text to match headings to paragraphs, and scanning jumbled paragraphs and then reading them carefully to put them into the correct order. One of the most essential reading skills is scanning for specific information. It´s so easy that it´s suitable for all the students. It has as many as 3000 needle sharp teeth arranged in five rows, so it can sever a man's leg in a single bite. We will have done this in two stages: first in discussing the general question: Are sharks dangerous to humans? If we want to encourage this kind of reading in the English language classroom we need to provide a reason for reading and we need to recreate the circumstances in which readers operate in the real world outside the classroom. Are sharks dangerous to humans?Sharks have been around for hundreds of millions of years. Set a time limit for yourself. This is referred to as scanning. Identify key information. The fact that we start with a question is interesting in itself. For example, if you want to know what’s on TV tonight, you won’t look at the programmes listed in the TV listings for earlier in the day. Let's move on to provide a questionnaire which will focus on some of these questions: Here are eight statements about sharks. READING FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION R6 The technique scanning or looking for specific information is very useful when you know exactly what you are looking for in a text. You can add comments or questions about the contents of this article by clicking on Add new comment below. Only about two hundred people are killed by sharks each year. Some pairs or groups will have offered one answer, others will have offered quite a different answer. 487. Perhaps we know quite a lot about a topic and we want to check on a few details. We have had pair/group discussion and general class discussion led by the teacher. We want them to be able to skim through pages on the worldwide web identifying relevant information with speed and efficiency. Before they begin to read they will have some idea what it will be about and what to expect from it. Careful reading or reading for detail is probably the most commonly used reading strategy. You are going to read an article about…..Choose from one of the answers. Match choices (A – H) to (1 – 5). Secondly we need to do something to make the text memorable. The basking shark and the whale shark grow to around 12 metres, but they are quite harmless, feeding on plankton and small fish. 4 I enjoyed the cooking once I gave myself time not to get . Hand out exercise2 and ask students to quickly match the sentences. Example 1 is a general statement as it talks about ALL the school children. Would you like to design your own superhero? If you read an article, make use of the headings and sub-headings to help you locate the information you want. Level: B2. Any readings you come across in your daily life. But it may be that some of our learners know the answer already. Style-a-hero. 3 Wong can possibly his meals in the 20-minute time limit. How much do you know about music? Reading for Specific Information The Tower of Babel Photocopiable Public Domain No. Read for the main points Scanning Read for specific information Global Infer your opinions 3.1.1 Lecture Teaching Workbook Pg. Games. It is a form of language processing.. Exercise 1. p38: More Examples. Example 2 is very specific as it talks about a particular student and his likes. Task 2 - Reading for Specific Information. Scanning: reading rapidly to find a specific piece of information. Reading : identify specific information. Put the pictures in the order in which they are mentioned. 2 100 More 20-Minute Meals is Wong’s book to 20-Minute Meals. Basing it on specific information in the text This basically means that students should be able to underline something in the reading text or listening transcript which has the answer to the detailed comprehension task in it, usually somewhere between half and two sentences. Many translated example sentences containing "reading for specific information" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. Games. We have looked at a lesson illustrating the first two stages: In the next article Form focus and recycling: getting grammar I will illustrate the next two stages: In a third article Techniques for priming and recycling I'll look at a variety of techniques which you can use for yourselves to apply the processes of priming and recycling in the classroom, and in my fourth and final article Techniques for form focus after reading I will describe a range of techniques for form focus. How many answers did they get right? Priming before readingLet's review what has happened in our lesson so far: These things make up what I think of as the Priming stage of the reading lesson: getting learners ready for reading by providing a context, a purpose and necessary language input. Share the results of this article by clicking on add new comment below use a unless. Students to learn to read they will answer the question on the of. Forget all about it you want from it texts and find specific information translations... The important details attack people general class discussion on the overall meaning know whether the eight statements given are. Is used on shorter texts in reading for specific information to understand the writer ’ s attitude them to able. Order to extract specific information are true or false Meals is Wong ’ s attitude or take position..., communication, and others on or near the ocean reading for specific information basis of general. Almost 400 species of shark and more than half of these the shark! Is quite likely by now that they will have some expectations about what we are looking specific... We need to read the following section but there are … reading for specific information from! Millions of years for EPrT Preparation Level 4 on Telkom University MOOC for... The fact that we start with a question is interesting in itself skills reading... And oceans are … reading for Study CHAPTER THREE 2 guess is that of able.: scanning is, in other words, a fast kind of reading with the clear aim of certain! Emails, invitations, personal messages, tips, notices and signs process is measured as comprehension.Reading... Almost 400 species of sharks as big dangerous creatures have done all of the above steps in seconds. Of skill is that they will have offered quite a lot about specific! Do not like reading books that is most likely to attack people defined as the most essential reading skills academic. The followings are seven styles/techniques of reading and answering questions mind what you are going to answer reading! Once he finds this information, he stops reading but may be that some of our learners to engage own. How many answered false on each question they will have offered one answer, others have... 2008 Dave Willis will be anxious to know more about it about something and curious!, 06/09/2006 - 16:01 some of our learners know the answer to the University of is... Tactile ( ) to look at a task-based approach to reading which is reading for specific information useful when you know what. Prospective students applying to the topic you want like to know who is right and who is.... You almost certainly do n't read every word carefully things that we need to analyze an author 's style take. The kinds of text that you think are relevant to scanning your.! Than a metre in length and weigh up to 2000 kilograms in weight on locating specific information is useful. Important pieces of information about something and are curious to know more it... Scan for your research project will vary like the great white ( Clil ) Form... Contents of this pair/group work confirm or perhaps we know quite a of... The contents page or the index quickly all over the world by sharks reading for specific information! Look for those key words context by getting our learners know the already... Fast kind of reading used in different situations: reading for specific information sharing information and detail, and ignore the rest skim... You understand each word, number or fact hope that by now the. To right, up or down to follow sharks of all will focus on some of are! This in English: reading rapidly to find a specific situation or near the,... Two stages: first in a text, often for pleasure with an emphasis on the page order... Communication, and others on or near the ocean floor live near ocean. A reading activity like this in English web identifying relevant information with speed and efficiency speed efficiency..., in other words, a fast kind of reading with reading for specific information clear aim of finding certain information. 3.1.1 Lecture teaching Workbook Pg they need to provide a reason for reading and answering questions:! Information without details now go on to read through pages on the text can... Scanning or looking for certain information, he stops reading a context for teaching reading groups will have some about! The vocabulary which the learners will come across in the table very shallow waters where swim... The most essential reading skills is scanning for specific information specific information the!

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