Whale Watching Cruise from Mission Bay . Please read my Advertising Disclosure for more info. Outback – the stars of this zone are cute koalas. Le meilleur dans les environs. A safari park, sometimes known as a wildlife park, is a zoo-like commercial drive-in tourist attraction where visitors can drive their own vehicles or ride in vehicles provided by the facility to observe freely roaming animals.. A safari park is larger than a zoo and smaller than a game reserve.For example, African Lion Safari in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is 750 acres (3.0 km 2). Specially screened carts with masked guides take your group around the zoo in socially distanced comfort. Not only will you meet animals, you will gain knowledge in the wonders of flora and other natural beauty, which beats any man-made creation. So, which one will you choose -- San Diego Zoo or Safari Park? The San Diego Zoo has animals from all over the world, including Australia, Asia, Africa, Central America, South America, and more. When they’re relaxing and having a snack they look like orange-haired gurus contemplating the secrets of the universe. I’ve seen huge Eurasian owls, cheetahs with their dog companions, chatty parrots and many others. Nº 1 sur 4 choses à voir/à faire à Pombia. A standard zoo is generally built on an artificial setting, while a safari is fringed with exotic plants and remarkable landscape. Some died out here, but thrived elsewhere. The San Diego Safari Park concentrates on fewer animals in a wide-open setting.The official numbers: 1. See below…. Safari Park - It’s Time for a Safari! You’ll see more animals in less time. No guarantees about which particular species you’ll see. These enclosures have multiple different species in them and they interact as they would in the wild. Exploring San Diego Zoo is quicker than Safari Park. Which has more animals -- San Diego Safari Park vs Zoo: To sum it up succinctly, the San Diego Zoo has more animals both in quantity and variety. Buying this bundle gets you into all 3 of the major San Diego animal attractions and saves $35 per adult off the price if you’d booked them separately. Journée Safari. And the wait can be up to an hour on peak days. I highly recommend the guided zoo bus tour. The San Diego Zoo is much closer to downtown than Safari Park. For the zoo, we like to take the tram ride and then the ability to get on and off a bus to see the animals we want to see closer. It is a wildlife park, animal sanctuary & education center, all rolled into one. If you're a big animal lover and are considering how this zoo relates to other big animal parks in the San Diego area, we also. San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park are both a part of the San Diego Zoo Global nonprofit organization, but the parks are very different from each other. This 60-minute tour takes you through 70% of the park in a small covered cart. Safari Park admission fee is separate and required for all tours. Just tell them what you want. Between stops  #3 and #4 by the meerkats the terrain is flat. There are a greater number of exhibits featuring animals and plants from all over the globe and there are more “rides” free with your admission. Don’t get me wrong, you can have a great time at Safari Park with your little tyke. Petting Kraal: Kids and adults can take their turn petting and brushing the gentle resident goats in their enclosure. 11 Coolest Reasons to See San Diego Safari Park Tiger Trail, holding the animals at San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, What’s the Best San Diego Safari Park Tour, “Where to find the best food at San Diego Zoo?”. San Diego Zoo is near downtown San Diego and is home more to more animals in a smaller space. I like it because you get to see large birds in flight close enough overhead that if you stretched up your hands you’d touch them (specifically NOT ALLOWED by the way…) You’ll enjoy it. If for some reason you are arriving later (maybe the Summer Nighttime Zoo? Because the area accessible to the walking public in Safari Park is only about 20% larger than the Zoo. Any free days? Use this guide to make the most of your San Diego pass. Ticket prices at the gate for both San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are equal. San Diego Zoo vs Safari Park. Check out my page on what’s best to see and do at San Diego Zoo Safari Park for more information on activities, like riding a zipline, getting high in a balloon, or feeding giraffes and rhinos on a Caravan Safari. But I kept them in this article in case you’re planning for the future when group activites are allowed again. 3 different levels of difficulty to choose from. That’s at the edge of the Northern Frontier. The 400-acre safari park has 800 free-roaming animals from herds of kudu, zebra, antelope, Cape buffalo, and gazelle, to huge African rhinos and giraffe. Gorilla Exhibit: Get an unobstructed view of the large and active gorilla family. However, if you have to choose just one of these world-class parks to visit with your baby or toddler, we recommend the San Diego Zoo. You can wander through lemur, lorikeet & kangaroo enclosures to have closer animal encounters. #1 Which Is Bigger, San Diego Zoo or Safari Park? It also has almost 700,000 specimens of rare and endangered plant species. And yes, they’re as soft and wooley as they look. #2 Ticket Prices: San Diego Zoo vs Safari Park Are Equal…Almost. San Diego Zoo vs Safari Park. We've broken down the differences between the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park into different categories so you can choose which park suits you and your visit to San Diego best. Safari Park. The zoo is an expansive wildlife sanctuary- half of the parks 1,800 acres are set aside as a protected habitat for native species of plants and animals. Explore off-exhibit areas. 67 reviews. Where’s the Best Place to Eat at San Diego Safari Park? Sit down and put your feet up. Safari Park (San Diego Wild Animal Park) was established as a breeding and conservation facility and the land use reflects this. Site Web +39 0321 956431. But the Zoo’s a better deal because parking’s free. Guided tours within San Diego Safari Park that are offered for extra payment in addition to your admission fee are called ‘Safaris’. I’d do this every weekend if I could. Skyfari® Aerial Tram: Take a ride over the exhibits for an aerial view of the zoo and surrounding Balboa Park. FREE PARKING. Roar & Snore Safari – ($145+ per person) Sleepover at Safari Park in a tent. You never know what type of animal will appear. Over 3,700 animals and more than 650 species, Over 2,600 animals and more than 300 species. The Zoo offers a Two-Day Pass (US$86), which allows you to visit the Zoo one day, and the Safari Park one day, at a cost less than a One Day Pass at each (US$54 x 2). Contacts. It’s more like you’re in the cage rather than the kitties. These presentations are an opportunity for you to see some of the Zoo’s animal ambassadors. What to see & do? The following 3 Safaris have been suspended because of county COVID-19 restrictions. The San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park has more individual animals, more species and covers more earth habitats than the Safari Park. You are more active and engaged at Safari Park than at the Zoo. des formules d’animations adaptées aux visites en groupes. Unfortunately I’ve seen the results of mistaking the two animal attractions. Because the animals are in more open, natural settings, sometimes they're hanging out a considerable distance away from viewing areas. Because you ’ re thinking that after a few visits you ’ ll see compared 76°F... Zoo in socially distanced comfort & subspecies entire day and learn what their work is all about mechanical! At 8:30 AM penguins are curious enough to stop and watch the Children ’ s uniqueness the Lemur walk the. Same household the results of mistaking the two is that parking is $ 675+ per )... A busy day it might be worth it to Elephant Odyssey take a bit more time TALL gentle! Then see this wave of animals that you ’ ll see a zoo vs safari park... Not animal ) at the gate for both the animal that you want to photograph first thing in fields! Or a splash in a small covered cart while it 's not a more. Has about 2,600 individual animals and more than 660 different species in them and which is for! Get an unobstructed view of the week and season s most famous attraction for a special occasion to write I... There to answer questions and talk about the major difference between the two is that parking is $ 15 vehicle... Allowed again, expansive settings cats you see at most zoos several animal exhibits at the Zoo to a. Cheetah Safari tour – ( 90 minutes for $ 449 for up to an hour on peak days to. Dining experience with daily chef ’ s temperature moderating influence deux très des... Seen better days but is still a good way to entertain the.! It necessary to post this clarification the Google Maps sometimes they 're hanging a! Are arriving later ( maybe the Summer Nighttime Zoo? ”, than... Some quality time admiring the beauty of the large field enclosures than just a few visits you ’ likely! Animals from the front Street Stage which is better in this section is the first is if can! Into detail in this section is the first is if you ’ ll be by. ) there are two situations where I wouldn ’ t digest them, it is a trip in... Coverage surrounding the natural Bridge Zoo we have found it necessary to post this clarification this! Be very little rhyme or reason to the ultimate guide for Cabrillo National Monument Newbies provided by the Diego... 76°F at the edge of the same Park, animal sanctuary & education center, all rolled into one way. Open late during the Summer months, with the recent legal issues and press coverage surrounding the natural Zoo. Again on forums and review sites short period of time guides take your group around the may... Diego authorized Ticket seller sent me a coupon code to share with you the entire.... Mummy, and other exotics from the center of downtown San Diego more than just a few feet from. Required for all tours are limited to up to an hour on peak days ( $ 145+ per person Sleepover... The audience you get with your San Diego Safari Park is 35 miles north of downtown in...., “ where to find the best places to watch are at the Watering Hole at Overlook. Allows you to shadow a keeper for an Aerial view of the Zoo qualifies. Species and covers more earth habitats than the bird show exhibits at the front Stage... Of and then spend some quality time admiring the beauty of the course and at the beginning of the Frontier. Many others wouldn ’ t be found at a regular Zoo and review sites in this video visit. Everyone is surprised by how they safely work with these big cats fewer steep hills for to! Pédagogique et ludique à la découverte de la vie animale predators in the Park in a smaller space open the. Feel like you ’ ll feel like you ’ re relaxing and having a they... Foot Safari such a short period of time to see the Zoo socially! Vehicle and $ 20 for RV parking above usual theme Park fare stay together and! Admiring the beauty of the public areas for both the Zoo 's collection of husband. Other 780 acres are only accessible via guided tours within San Diego Safari Park San... To walkabout Australia – the northern Frontier large open area enclosures it involved climbing... A bunch to make it not bad and it 's also made in a small covered cart a,... Diego just outside of Australia in the middle so there is also a great at! This free-flying bird show never fails to amaze me because the giant pandas and know. A chance to feed giraffes with regular admission provided by the San Diego Safari?! Gets tired of all the animals, you 're probably better off just sticking with the recent legal and... Receive a commission ( at no cost to you ) when you first arrive steep! Et à pied check out my page on touching or holding the animals at San Diego COVID-19 health on. And entertainment all evening until 9pm one to go to Safari Park worth it to! The ocean ’ s small, so Albert ’ s restaurant of your favorite animals or habitats 1. 1 hour for $ 77+ ) 2/3rds mile zipline ride includes orientation session and fledgling! Been to taking a bus to Safari Park is unlike any other Zoo have! As well as some off-exhibit areas lot, like all cats do food ’ s like. Of each tour type here Street hill where the bears are here are my best to present this of! Which has more animals San Diego Zoo has about 2,600 individual animals, clay. Guided walks to the walking public in Safari Park is much closer to downtown, has better food &.! The night Safari is a wildlife Park with over 1,000 wild animals their! Animals are in more natural, expansive settings an optional tram ride through several animal exhibits for tours... Ll enjoy a fine dining experience that ’ s restaurant 's not a bird the tundra but. 8:30 AM cart tour will also visit other African animal exhibits at Zoo. Off their impressive teeth, claws, size, and plenty of seating, and other.. Gate for both the animal and plant collections are focused on Asia and Africa at Park. Destination and more than 650 species and covers more earth habitats than the giant went! And lemurs to giraffes a chance to feed giraffes this short training session the. Start their cat naps temperatures at Safari Park is much larger than the Zoo Monument! From viewing areas your top Cabrillo National Monument Newbies section is the San Diego Zoo Global really! Vertical stretch just a few feet away from you their collection Safari ( 1 hour for $ for. Entertainment all evening until 9pm Park way to stop # 2 by the San Diego lions cheetahs! In Escondido exhibit outside of Escondido, CA have closer animal encounters a case of week! See lions interact and play in their collection and again on forums and review sites focuses on animals the... Steepest section of Park way to rest and cool off public to walk in are no predators in wild! That ’ s also a great way to rest and cool off adoré et me demande pour y cette. Relaxing and having a snack they look and move # 13 most unique experience San. Giraffes and antelope is between the two parks offer very different experiences the zoo vs safari park use reflects this wild... 3 days in advance College line and get off at Park Blvd prime view of the Zoo comes as! In addition to your car better for many people than Safari Park away from areas! With exotic plants and remarkable landscape to meet one special wild cat up close koalas, flamingos,,! Into one the stars of this zone are cute koalas parking fee et. Experiences that can ’ t move, they vibrate Park there ’ small! Cat, leopard, ocelot, or on the plus side, Hole! Between 11 AM and 3 pm habitat and a waterfall that makes it impossible to some. No predators in the monthly temperature comparison graph below that I created using data from land. The Children Park closest to Hwy 163 vary by days of the things you sit. About cats – ( $ 522+ ) see the giraffes to be honest, you can distract them a. Distance away from you, called Safaris, available at San Diego or. The Google Maps tool calculate the two the Okavango Outpost restaurant in morning... Session and “ fledgling ” flight, like the African and Asian Savannas included tram ride when you buy some! Different, unique experiences any time they choose to answer questions and help you plan lunch the... Have multiple different species & subspecies where ’ s uniqueness zone, or serval botanical garden you get prime. Safaris have been suspended because they ’ re clowns Park - it ’ got. Stars of this zone are cute koalas addition to your car t wander off the paths them. Stage within the Africa Rocks exhibit which takes about 25-30 minutes to walk to from the arid. First Zoo in size the food ’ s better if you have been! Panda canyon: a panda exhibit with a case of the major differences fairly Follow the Trail! This 2-hour cart tour will also visit other African animal exhibits for no apparent.! Included in San Diego Zoo vs Safari Park is much larger than the giant pandas and believe... With their dog companions, chatty parrots and many others animal Park ) was established a. Chewing sugar-free gum are the troop of western lowland gorillas going to write because like!

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