Moreover, it will also help understand addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, etc. We use Bubble Sort algorithm to sort the elements in either ascending or descending order. The existing data will be replaced in the sorted order. Enter the list name that you want to sort on. Three columns can be sorted at a time, using the "Sort by, Then by options" either in Ascending or Descending order. Step 3: Sort window opens. What is Ascending Order in number sort? Example 1: We have a list of fruitsalong with the sold quantity;Column “A” contains the names of the fruits and column “B” the sold quantity. If you’re sorting a list that you named, press [2nd][STAT] to access the List NAMES menu, use the up- and down-arrow keys to scroll to the list you want, and press [ENTER]. Here is a simple way of ordering the given list of numbers in ascending and descending order. Repeat until all iterations of j. To use the service, enter the numbers in the appropriate field. How to Use this Worksheet. Definition. 3)To sort the array in ascending order a) Repeat the step b from i=0 to i