August 1, 2005. Believe it or not, California isn't one big traffic jam. Get yourself familiar with a digital hunting map that’ll keep you up to date with accessible public land. The many Waterfowl Production Areas and their cattails make northwest Iowa a great late-season pheasant hunting option. He thinks you need to go west farther at least to Huron. To begin with, there are over 300 federal land area to a tune of 800,000 acres where you can freely hunt pheasants. Best Whitetail Deer States Overall. Most Kansas residents as well as out-of-state bird hunters venturing into the state target the long-tailed rooster and Gentleman Bob. Yes, you are reading it right, a million birds each season. And the rich, flavorful taste of some healthy, hearty roast pheasant is enough to tempt anyone down to the dinner table. However, some other states have also proved to be good hunting grounds for pheasant hunters. With liberal limits on birds, it can be a hunter’s paradise. Four bag per hunter is definitely one of the highest daily bag limit guranteed to give you a hunting experience that will linger in your memory for years to come. Whether it’s Kansas, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska or South Dakota that’s caught your eye from our top 5 state list, you’ll be sure to come home with an admirable catch. Despite its border with South Dakota, Nebraska’s best pheasant hunting is traditionally in its southwest corner plus a concentration in the north Panhandle from Alliance northeast to Gordon. With the ring-neck pheasant as South Dakota’s state bird, it’s obvious why it made our list for the best pheasant hunting. And when you talk about daily bag limit, the first question that comes to mind is, where do you hunt? Drought has really affected Montana’s pheasant population in the northeast, and the birds have moved around. Weather and habitat fluctuations cause annual variations, but Kansas consistently ranks among the top states as a pheasant hunting destination. Hunting to stock up your freezer and feed your family is one of the most satisfying past times out there. Happily, Chinese ring-neck pheasants were introduced in the 1800s and they thrived so well that we’re still dining on them today. Montana has millions of acres of both federal, state, and private owned lands where you can hunt pheasants. At over a million birds ripe for hunting, South Dakota is a great place to come to show off your skills. Still, Iowa has over 360,00 public hunting areas. Additionally, approximately 1 million acres of land is availed each year for public hunting through the famous program dubbed Private Owned Land Open to Sportsmen. Nebraska are known as premier pheasant and grouse hunting states. There is every reason why Nebraska is considered a great upland pheasant hunting ground. The birds are also full of vitamin B and iron, which makes them bursting with healthy goodness. United States has great places spread across different states where you can hunt pheasants. Some of the most popular spots where to hunt in Montana include State Wild Management Areas, State School Lands, WPAS, BLOCK Management programs, and National’s Wildlife Refuges. No rundown of the best turkey hunting states could ever be complete without mentioning Missouri. Although pheasants are found statewide, the best South Dakota pheasant hunting range encompasses the eastern two-thirds of the state. It is located towards the northeast part of Bismarck. Or, if you’ve got the charm for it, you might just be able to score yourself some serious bounty by talking your way onto a patch of private land. Also you might want to check around Detroit Lakes, Fergus Falls, and Clay County as these areas are full of pheasants. Pheasants love hiding in the tall grass of the Iowa fields, so you’ll feel like you’re a true pioneer wanting to head out and stalk your own dinner. Hunting pheasants in North Dakota is guranteed to be thrill packed. The ringnecked pheasant flourished in Wisconsin after it was brought here in the early 1800s. The states have great spots where hunters have always recorded high pheasant hunt. Nearly 2.5 million acres of public land are available to hunt pheasants. I love the outdoors and nature. ... Maryland attorney Jim Farmer and his dogs have hunted 40 states for upland birds. Not only are they a healthy choice of meat, but they happen to be delicious. The state has lost some of this important CRP grass, and so pheasant numbers have lowered in the area. Dogs for pheasant hunting. Check out the top 5 states for your next turkey hunting trip. It’s true that pheasant numbers in South Dakota have been reduced in recent years, but 2017 saw a comeback with a peak number of birds since 2013. Like all living things, pheasants do best when they’ve got plenty of food and water. Pheasant hunting in this area is mostly on private lands with Mille Laces WMA and Rum River States Forest being the favourite areas each boosting with approximately 40,000 acres of forest lands where you can hunt pheasants. These are Kansas and Nebraska. You will never go wrong hunting pheasants in these top five hunting pheasant states. What do you love about this trip? If you're ready, you can book 's trip now. Although the Plains States have a reputation for top-quality pheasant hunting, pheasants were first introduced to the U.S. in the Pacific Northwest. Rodman's Hollow, Rhode Island, boasts 80 to 100 whitetail deer per square mile. Another great hot spot to hunt in this state include the Miles City that has 2.5 million acres of pheasant hunting land. Powered by Big Hat Outdoors, Coyotes get a bad rap, expert tells Parry Sound Nature Club, “Hackin’, Healin’ and Shotguns on the South Dakota Plains”, 2 Timmins men fines and charged for hunting violations near Dryden, Timmins man fined $3,500 for illegal moose hunt, Must Have: Meet the Best Hunting Rifles on the Planet. Growing up in the southern outdoors as a kid, Ryan took fishing trips on a regular basis. Hunters come from all over the world to experience pheasant hunting trips in what many consider to be t… While the West Coast and the Rockies are great places for pheasant hunting, the Great Plains states have the largest populations. Everyone that has taken up a shotgun and chased this colorful game bird has their own favorite places, from tree rows near Killdeer to grasslands near Mott. Besides, Hettinger located in the southern parts of Dakota would also treat you to a great pheasant hunting experience while in the region. The ringnecked pheasant's prime habitat is in crop fields. Pheasant season lasts for around 12 weeks from early October to early January. Enter the email address associated with your account, and we’ll email you a link to reset your password. Upland Bird Forecast Brochure. Pheasants will pattern even the most experienced hunter and only a witty hunter willing to give pheasants what they haven’t seen will always hit the daily bag limit. The area is 95% grassland, and as such, it offers an exceptional pheasant hunting ground. What questions do you have about this trip? If you want to know where to go on the ultimate pheasant hunt this year, keep reading for our top 5 states.