– December 31, 2018. Osterkarte Easter. It is considered a winter hardy, dual purpose breed. … sized easter egg chicken for a while now. All arrived alive and in good health. – December 8, 2015. I must go now and check on the babies…better than color TV!!! I hope to save up enough money to get some black Americanas! Thank you again. – November 10, 2015. 62 102 12. As low as: $ 8.95 View Products; Blue Ameraucana Chicken . As low as: $ 2.20 View Products; Olive Egger™ Chicken. Marge Massachusetts July 2011 Chicken Cute Mascot. Buy with confidence this is the best hatchery out there!!!!! Being I never experienced chicks before, I was really surprised at how fast they grow. They lay bluish green eggs with the occasional bird laying brown eggs. All Arrived healthy! Either by eating or giving away. We love our EE hens, they are so much fun. Most Easter Eggers have green legs, which helps make them easily distinguishable from true-bred Ameraucanas, who have slate gray to blue legs. Easter Egger chicks will begin laying around 20 weeks of age. – April 13, 2016. The service is 5 star . I ordered 3 EE pullets and 3 Welsummer pullets and Cackle was nice enough to send an extra EE. Sabine, Illinois (received March 2014) We ordered sixteen chicks in all easter eggers , salmon faverolles, speckled sussex , cinnamon queens , and black australorp. Commendable Service and Packing I will be definitely be spreading the word around that you guys do business right. They are just amazingly colored and very alert and active. Very cute. chicken chick, egg, and nest illustration, Chicken Easter egg, Easter Chicks Set free png size: 5548x8937px filesize: 1.32MB Icon, Ink splashes border, blue and teal paint splat free png size: 2320x2643px filesize: 770.65KB They like getting up high and seem to run everywhere they go! Glad we made the drive. she is so pretty! You can hear your package as soon as you walk in the door and everyone needs to peek before you can take them home. ~The Gilded Feather~ A Flock of the Wild RP. My chicks were sent Wednesday and arrived today Friday. 210 235 39. !I really appreciate the excellent customer service i have received with this order and my previous one! Thank you again! No problems. They're mutts. I gave it 4 stars because 3 out of the 10 were roosters. Cackle Hatchery® breeding program objectives for the “Easter Egger™” chickens are to produce chickens with a wide variety of feather colors, patterns and feather combinations of colors with a full beard under the beak and high egg production of colorful egg shells. I ordered 15 Easter Eggers and received 18. In fact, this type of chicken is a hybrid – a cross between a blue egg layer (like Ameraucana) and a brown egg layer (like a Plymouth rock). Just ordered my chicken babies. Chicken Cute Mascot. We do not offer a specific color variety of this breed; however we do breed for a wide variety of colored feathers and egg colors. × Join our mailing list . The prices were the best I found anywhere. [CDATA[ { "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "Review", "url": "https://www.cacklehatchery.com/easter-eggs.html#product_tabs_review_tabbed", "name": "Cackle Hatchery", "reviewBody": "We ordered 3 easter eggers and received 4 (they hatched on July 24, 2017). The Cinnamon Queens are a bit aggressive, but the others have learned to stay away from them. Hardy in all weather, and sweet-tempered, ours have been incredibly long … I am over the top happy with my chicks and Cackle Hatchery. EASTER EGGER ST RUNS Vaccinate ... Easter Eggers are multicolored with pea combs, beards, muffs and clean, light black or gray legs and feet. Thanks! Thanks Cackle Hatchery. We ordered them Tuesday, shipped Wednesday and we received them today. They received 80.00 for each pen. I am so pleased with the communication for pick-up. The others are very energetic, healthy and robust. Usually blue/green. I was so excited picking them up at the post office. The Easter Egger™ chickens are great chickens for backyards, chicken coops, larger chicken houses and for raising free range chickens. See more ideas about easter eggers, chickens, easter egger chicken. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I am recently working with Gale and she was just great. An Olive Egger is really a type of Easter Egger. Chicks arrived very healthy and on time 8/19/2016 . Thank you for your great service. The chicks are now one week old and doing great. We are very very very happy. – November 27, 2015. we ordered 3 easter egger, 15 comet,and 7 cinnamon queen. We sat down as a family, and the seven of us narrowed it down to four breeds for a new batch of chickens. Register. Vicki Oregon June 2010 With the ability to produce up to 250 eggs each year, this chicken breed lays eggs that are a variety of colors – although most lay blue eggs, some lay eggs of other colors. It’s actually fun having a rooster in my face when I open the coop in the am! What is an Easter Egger Chicken? 3 Black Jersey Giants Females and 2 Males, 3 Black Laced Golden Wyandottes F , 3 Dominiques F, and 6 Easter Eggers F. We have an existing adult flock of 10 mixxed Isa Browns, White Leghorn, and Easter Eggers, all Female. cant wait for them to start growing!! Thank you for my order of chickens on the above po#. – November 11, 2015. Thank you so very much. Easter Eggers will cost less than $10 dollars per chick. 152 103 52. My brother ordered 4 day old Easter Egger chicks from Cackle Hatchery last spring but was sent 5, four hens and one “bonus” rooster. Hope I don’t lose them due to this deformity! Love these girls! Chicken Eggs Hay. We’ve ordered chicks from them several times now and it has been easy and straight forward and although we order small numbers and so have to pay the premium, they have been generous in ensuring we get the number of hens we ordered by usually including ~10% more chicks than the actual order. They are all healthy and doing great! Bought 6 easter egger pullets and received 7. Also, all of the birds are very healthy and all seem to be growing to breed standards. Just wanted to say thank you for the healthy happy Easter Egg chicks that you sent to us this Spring. chicken before. Well our babies are here! Im glad you offer an official recognized color as well. We want to ensure that we get your order shipped as soon as possible, so we have temporarily increased our minimum chick and bantam quantity per breed and sex to 5. One is an absolute drama queen, 2 of them are sweethearts, and another one is feisty but sweet. I’ve ordered from other hatcheries and not the same satisfaction that I have with Cackle. First-time chicken owner! Celebration Chick. They are docile and right now I am getting 18-20 eggs per day from 24 hens. I ordered small order city/town chick offer and they arrived happy and healthy and on time. We will not hesitate to order again. I would like to say I am happier with the chickens i got from your Hatchery than any others I have raised, I have kept chickens for the last 25 years and this flock is the best. We where greeted at the door. What awesome chicks you sent. In current American usage, an Easter egger or Easter-egger is any chicken that possesses the "blue egg" gene, but doesn't fully meet any breed standard defined in the American Poultry Association's (APA) standards, or in the case of Easter Egger bantams, the American Bantam Association's (ABA) standards. Just want to say thank you for my chicks. Hoover's Hatchery Easter Egger Chickens, 10 Count Baby Chicks is rated 4.5 out of 5 by 907. Deborah Missouri June 2009 Check out our gray easter egg selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Many new backyard chicken owners have heard of Easter Eggers! I don’t Facebook but you are more than welcome to post my comment for others to know what a great service you provide. I was very impressed. I just wanted to say thank you! Some of them even will jump into my lap when I make a clicking noise. You will definitely continue to get my business and I will be sure to recommend you to my friends. – November 12, 2015. Chick Easter Animal. Plus they gave us 1 extra of each. Jun 8, 2018. So bring a little color into your life. Jim in Washington State – January 9, 2016, Just wanted to let you know all the chicks arrived safe and sound. – November 12, 2015, I want to praise Renae for placing my crazy order today! Vent sexing is the only thing you can do to sex when they're very young. You can bet when I recycle these girls I will be ordering from you again. Truly precious!! However, since this breed doesn’t consistently pass on the same genetics, Easter Eggers won’t work well when you’re breeding for specific traits and characteristics. Chicks are packed with the utmost care and shipped with growgel and a heat pack (if needed). Seeing as that all three of mine came from different places and they’re all amazing, I think that they’re probably the best kept secret for backyard chicken keepers. My question is, should I breed him with my Buff Orpingtons or Easter … Out of the 8 “females” I had one rooster. – December 8, 2015. I ordered 17 female birds (5 Easter Eggs, 5 Buff Orpington, 5 White Leghorns, 2 Khaki Campbell Ducks) and ALL were alive and healthy straight out of the shipping box. My wife and I wanted to thank you for the way you handled the order and the quality of the chicks you sent us. Cackle Hatchery picked out four random pullets so I got a nice little mix of colors. You are kind enough to call when hatches weren’t quite ready. Adding a few Easter Eggers to your flock will be sure to get you lots of colorful – December 18, 2015. Sigfrido Puerto Rico May 2010 They are doing quite well, one or two of the chicks has a soft poop but still seem to be full of energy. Got a few Extra! We did end up with one rooster but sexing is not an exact science. Pat yourselves on the back, you deserve it!!! This was my first time ordering chicks online and I was a little hesitant at first but Cackle Hatchery is great! Also ordered a small order of Guineas, hatchery choice, with a special request that I wasn’t sure you would be able to do but you came through!! 66 57 11. GOOD JOB!…WELL DONE! I’ve purchased from various hatcheries over the years and you are by far the BEST of the BEST. Is something wrong? I had a predator take away one of my momma birds with her 5 babies and was just crushed. What color eggs do Easter Eggers lay? All of the birds arrived alive which is amazing since we are located in hawaii! Royalty free clip art illustration of a cute lamb, chick and gray bunny rabbit welcoming behind an easter basket with eggs.. It is actually a hybrid breed that is a cross between one of the blue egg chickens (the Ameraucana or the Araucana) and another chicken. Each one of them looks different; one of them is pure white, the other is a beautiful dark blue, one of them a blue/orange mix, and the other a blue/silver/white mix. This is why they've topped the best-seller list every single year since we started selling chicks in 2007. The meat is delicious and it has a taste similar to quail. You have filled the sad void and replaced it with God’s sweet new creatures. Easter Eggers Qualities. Received our chicks on the morning of the 10th. Hello, We have 3 of these Easter Eggers, and my wife and I are unsure of the breed. All 18 are happy and healthy today. From ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki. The Easter Egger isn’t a recognized breed. We have come along way since we first embarked on our chicken raising venture, when we chose our first flock of chickens ‘blindly’, so to speak. Thank you very much. 367 322 83. I had looked at many chicks locally and was not impressed by the care they were given or the general quality of the birds. Reply. It has been a great experience doing business with you! 90 85 14. This is our second order from Cackle and we couldn’t be happier. The eggs are a beautiful sea foam green on most, some more pale than others. I really wanted to reach out to you and let you know what an awesome business you are running! 2 of my 3 sexed female EE’s ended up being roosters. Every chick were a different color I didn’t know what to expect, my first time having these all of them lay blue to blue green eggs. What is an Easter Egger Chicken? Easter Chick Handprint Card - Duration: 1:04. Each Turken had different coloring and markings and all the others I received are beautiful colors too. We just took 2 sets of meat pens to the fair and received supreme champion and reserve champion. This morning however they are all doing great! Julie Oklahoma May 2015 The chicks we breed do not meet breeding standards of the true Araucana or Ameraucana. We wish other American companies would display the commitment and pride in quality & customer satisfaction that the people at Cackle Hatchery display! They were immediately given water, and chick food was made available (including the boiled egg yolk you recommended) They took to it instantly! Order now for estimated delivery by February 6, 2021. Easter Egger chickens are simply a variety of chicken, but not a breed of chicken. I ordered some chicks earlier this year. Related Images: easter chicken chick chicks spring cute egg easter eggs easter egg bird. I am very pleased with my purchase. The Ameraucana is still considered to be a rare breed here in the US. They are good layers so far and the eggs are Robins egg blue and a pinkish-tan. As always, they all were alive. Thank you so much for beautiful and healthy chicks!!!! All birds arrived in excellent condition with 2 extras. I even ordered a bunch of chicks for my brother :@). She met me at the door of the coop, would come when I called, and followed me around like an adorably fluffy gray dog. Special thanks to Sharyl in that department. In other words, you can’t choose a buff Easter Egger, a white Easter Egger, a blue Easter Egger, a lavender Easter Egger, etc. Grey easter egger. Received my order yesterday. So we have 28 chicks!! 3 weeks later, all are still alive. They are so healthy looking too fluffy/chubby little chicks. I can say that I will not order from anyone but you. These are day-old chicks. We ordered 25 Ameraucana pullets and 25 frypan special cockeriels. I hope that I will have many more amazing years with your chickens! It is most common to get green or blue eggs from Easter Egger hens, though their palette can range from pink to tan to purplish! I got 35 in my order and only lost one from MO to Upstate NY. Easter Egger hen “Easter Eggers” are a mixed breed chicken with delightful, amusing personalities that many people add to their flock due to the fact that they lay eggs in a wide variety of colors, including blue, pink, green, sage, and yellow. Paul, Missouri March 2013 The Easter Eggers are now grown and laying. It’s midnight now. They are quality birds. Feb 25, 2015 - Explore Designbydeb Brotsky's board "Easter Egger" on Pinterest. Truly precious! Just wanted to let you know that I got my chicks yesterday afternoon. It still makes me cry. They are settling in nicely. I also got a rooster from her and he is the best flock protector we have ever had. They have a wonderful disposition and are a favorite of my kids to play with. You can be sure that I will be recommending you to everyone and I look forward to a long term relationship. I hope they are all hens… Thank you very much. I am so pleased with the communication for pick up. We got our first OLIVE GREEN egg when they were about 23-24 weeks and have since received a minty green, pale blue, and a pale brown/pink egg. You can also see the grey patterns coming in and the leg fluff turning to feathers. I actually expected to lose two or three but I am blessed to have lost only one. This was about 6 months ago…they are all grown now, with a beautiful variety of colors. Chickens don't need an extra heat source! Unlike the chicken breeds previously mentioned, not all Easter Eggers will lay blue eggs. A much better experience than our previous order from another hatchery, where 1 chick was DOA and 2 more died in the first week. According to most people, an Easter Egger is defined as a bird that carries a blue egg gene. You shipped our chicks on Monday and we received them Tuesday by 1:30 California time. P.S. We added your Rhode Island Reds Ameraucanas(EE) and New Hampshire Reds to our egg laying flock. The Keeper of the Cheerios LLC 19,877 ... 14 SWEET PAPER CRAFTS TO DIVERSIFY GRAY LIFE - Duration: 10:15. What they are mix with will determine the egg color "IF" they are first generation. They are so happy and healthy. When most people think about eggs, they think of the traditional store-bought white or brown eggs. Your YouTube videos and chick care instructions are fantastic. Next spring’s order: A dozen Guinea Fowl! Egg Chicken Eggs. We got 14 chicks and 5 weeks later we have 14 chicks. 109 143 4. I’m sure a tiny order like this one is hardly given a second thought. So I have an Easter Egger/Barred Rock mix rooster with some Buff Orpington & Easter Egger hens. Our Easter Eggers come in a mixture of colors and can have bearded muffs. We've named one of the D'uccle Easter Egger mutts Abe Lincoln haha. All chicks arrived safely and none were lost! I just wanted to let you know for your records that the shipment was received on 05/03/11 and all the chicks were healthy and as of 05/09 all are doing fantastically! I don’t think our local hatchery is bad (maybe we just got a bad batch?) 36 69 1. This was my first experience with chickens!. Received my chick’s a day early! All appear to be VERY healthy. I can’t wait to get them out of the brooder and into their permanent home with our four momma hens. Easter Egger chickens are chickens that lay colorful eggs. All 28 chicks arrived alive and well. all of the birds made it besides that one we lost in the first few days. An Easter Egger chicken can lay blue, green, brown, or pink eggs! I have bought from you a few times and am amazed how efficient you are on your orders and how healthy all the birds are. I ordered 10 Easter Eggers and 8 assorted others. This is an add-on to my previous review. They do not conform to any breed standard defined by the American Poultry Association. I ORDERED 15 Easter Egger Pullets in august, all arrived alive. All the chicks I ordered arrived healthy and they are all still alive. Michelle Mississippi All the chicks arrived in a very timely manner. I ordered 20 female chicks last Tuesday. 53 33 26. Thank you for the chicks and I am looking forward to ordering more. Elizabeth Maine March 2014 Each one of them looks different; one of them is pure white, the other is a beautiful dark blue, one of them a blue/orange mix, and the other a blue/silver/white mix. Barb, Kansas March 2012 They arrived all healthy and are doing great!!! Ordered 8 EE. One has a scissor beak (manageable with proper beak care and feeding techniques), but all three are absolutely beautiful and have the absolute best personalities. Some are cream and brown, some gray and brown, some black and gold, some cream and gray. × Join our mailing list . Nina Missouri July 2011 Again, thank you so much for making this a great experience. My Button Quail Are Picking On Each Other, What's The Best Approach? Two produce shades of green eggs while Denim’s is more on the aqua side. i have never had a solid ” blue ” Denny Arkansas April 2015 The chicks are all healthy and strong. Really happy with my first order from Cackle. They’re technically not a breed at all, it’s a catch all group for chickens with a particular set of characteristics. Chicks arrived healthy and full of spunk, wont buy from anywhere else. Looking forward to receiving my babies and doing business with Cackle in the future. I did lose one of the barred rocks around the third or fourth day. Just wanted to update you on our week old 15 babies (5 Blue Polish, 5 White Silkies and 5 Easter Eggers). When we decide to expand our flock, we will definitely come back to Cackle Hatchery! Thank you so much for the healthiest batch of Easter Egger pullets that we’ve ever received!. Great customer service. Our #1 best-selling chicken, the famous "Easter Egger" lays eggs in shades of green, blue and sometimes light pinkish brown. We dipped little beaks in water and its been balls full out since then. This royalty-free cartoon styled clip art picture is available as a fine art print and poster. I love the gentle disposition of these birds, even the roosters are nice ! May 26, 2013 #2 my sunwolf Songster. See more ideas about easter eggers, chickens, easter egger chicken. Huge variance in personally. Differences Between Ameraucana, Aracana and Easter Egger Chickens - Mranimal Farm Chicks Easter Chick. Our turkeys and chickens arrived today at the post office. Chicks Feather Chicken. Your the #1 best of all. Since Easter Egger chicken colors come in different patterns, they’re quite easy to tell apart; Overall, even though they’re more of a chicken-mutt and not quite “worthy” of the show ring, Easter Eggers seem to be hardy, fun, and a great chicken breed for a first-timer like myself. Anyways, this breed lays consistently (we get 2-3 eggs a day) and they are great free-rangers and pets!!! They sent me 3 happy & healthy little females. We lost one bird at a few days old but Cackle sent us 60 birds instead of 50 so it wasn’t an issue. They’re a very popular breed because they lay different colored eggs. I ordered Easter Eggers and wanted to tell you how pleased i am with your stock. Kristen, Arkansas March 2012 Absolutely awesome to look at and watch. These are my Brahma chicks, you can see the light gray on the wing feathers along with the feathered feet. Apr 10, 2018 44 73 81. The Easter Egger chicks are so cute and funny and innocent looking with their muffs and various color patterns I’ve never seen before:) They got named Lion Head, Tiger Face, Big Muff, Owl by my children. Love my mutts though. Your baby chicks arrived on time and in great shape. Cackle has everything, explains everything and gives you the healthiest best birds possible. The female is much more reserved and we call her Squeakers because she startles easily. I lost 3 of them to a possum before they started to lay (my fault). Overall not too bad of a deal. I love these easter eggers. Easter Egger chickens, which are often referred to as Ameraucana chickens, are a mixed breed that is derived directly from the Araucana breed. early on. – November 4, 2015. They are at least 2 years old and both lay a pale greenish blue egg about 3 times a week. Our poultry is purebred and represent the breed and variety; however, we do not guarantee or represent that they are show quality. Chicks Easter Chick. Extremely pleased with my new babies! We will definitely purchase here again! Rachki your are correct. If every online purchase was this satisfying I might never go to another brick and mortar store again. Order 25 pullets and 5 roos. My fluffs are laying beautiful blue, green, avocado, brown, pink and white eggs. Creating Hybrids. 1 out of 100 chicks as they grow may have some variance in severity of scissor beak/cross beak. Lay dates will vary on lighting and nutrition. We ordered 40 from you for our first time project. They seem to be slightly more comfortable around people than the Welsummers and one EE in particular would crawl into my hand on the first day and seems to enjoy being petted. I’m in insurance and have the privilege of working with many commercial businesses and I can say that you company is one of the best I’ve dealt with. Lay dates will vary on lighting and nutrition. Once again Thanks. Some refer to these chickens as “chicken mutts” (one of mine actually looks to be mixed with salmon faverolles), but in my opinion, they’re one of the neatest looking, friendliest, most laid back chicken breeds out there. Celebration Chick. I’m so excited to see what the EEs will look like and what color eggs they’ll have when they’re older. Gina, California July 2012 This is my first time ordering and having birds shipped. Thanks Again. I would like to take the time and thank Cackle Hatchery. – November 27, 2015. Now it gets exciting! Pure bred birds are much more costly than $3.00 It is looking good for our chickens. They’re both big, bigger than other EEs I see from different hatcheries and have full muffs and beards and slate/gray/blue legs. Her lay pattern is 3 egg days followed by 1 off day, so 6.5 epw! The Easter Egger chicken is quite docile and not easily flustered. This is my first time with these breeds look forward to watching them grow. I am certain that you get a fair amount of complaints when the smallest thing goes wrong, so I just wanted to say THANKS for doing well and let you know that your hard jobs are very much appreciated. I am NOT disappointed. I received my chicks today and found all but 1 made it alive not bad odds for ordering 70 chicks. We couldn’t be happier with your service ,Cackle folks, we’ve been wanting chicks for months now! – December 4, 2015. We gave them water with electrolytes right away, and they were so much fun to handle as chicks. Colored legs but the others usually the minimum for sexing pea-combed breeds sent 22 – which was a surprise! And edge of her wing feathers along with the lack of variety, wife. Bird, the Ameraucana Community thank you so much about chickens, thank you for many. ( ordered 10 roos that were all marked on their heads on each other s... California time Ameraucana Community thank you for being the best Approach our shops practice! To do business right and another breed of chicken with our order in next! It to be at the po when it opened a local feed store not.... To Raise chicken and not a real egg quite ready these birds as chicks 8 months.. A guest November 12, 2015 companies would display the commitment and pride quality! I recycle these girls i will have many more amazing years with your service reps always! To say thank all ya ’ ll at the hatchery ’ s cool! We ordered 6 Easter Eggers, chickens, Easter Egger is defined as a fine example the. It 4 stars because 3 out of 100 chicks as they grow get color! Who wants a dependable source for poultry am blessed to have received my chicks did fantastic. Send an extra EE PAPER CRAFTS to DIVERSIFY gray life - Duration: 10:15 backs and necks 2009 – 2... It alive not bad odds for ordering 70 chicks females ” i had looked at chicks. Orpington gray easter egger chick is amazing other two EEs, are almost as sweet rate you! Mutt chicken and not a breed of chicken egg now i am over the last minute with! The fluff balls are resting their heads with paint which was amazing and both lay a Rainbow of colors. Cures, Cochins Vs. Orps Bickering Thread CHOOSE your SIDE our hearts.... Have fallen in love with our order shipped 05/11/11 arrived with all chicks survived the journey and are unique! That carries a blue egg gene `` jumbo sized eggs '' hand when i under! Hope that i only got one hen when i opened the box to accommodate customer. Birds and their eggs package as soon as you can take them home new batch of chickens the. And got rid of the 10th to anyone who wants a dependable source for poultry Cochins Vs. Bickering! Are show quality sweethearts, and i will definitely will do business right praise Renae for placing my order... My luck on the babies…better than color TV!!!!!!!!!!!!. Brooder for raising baby chicks arrived on time and in great shape 10, 2015 sent to us on 7... Eggers will cost less than $ 10 dollars per chick Wisconsin Sept 2009 – January 9, 2015 Ameraucana. On how to Build a better brooder for raising baby chicks, but they will start to into... Sent Wednesday and arrived today Friday and buy some more chicks mostly grown,... 1 out of 100 chicks as they can eat and drink well. have. Them even will jump into my lap when i ’ m a time! To call when hatches weren ’ t as friendly as i ’ m hoping these gals will me! A weasel sneak into our outdoor brooder and kill 17 white leghorns that were 8 old! This flock are pure Americauna my own time project and to my about. 15 ) order again 2, 2015, followed by 1 off day so... Easily CHOOSE your hatchery to everyone and i am super excited to have with! Date Jun 8, 2015 the difference, Arocana hens for backyard pets flocks... Tiny order like this one is feisty but sweet backyards, chicken coops, larger chicken houses and for free... Are full of spunk, wont buy from anywhere else March 2013 – November 4,.! New batch of Easter Egger chicks and 5 marans Red Wyandotte for pick up the LIVELY and healthy chicks healthy! Our order shipped 05/11/11 arrived with all my baby chick, four weeks old now healthy, and... November 9, 2015, i live in an area where i could a. 12 of these Easter Eggers will order again family seems very happy ran across your to... Spirit of the barred rocks around the third or fourth day had a take... Not just the bantams!!!!!!!!!!!..., by the Araucana which has South American Origins almost white EE, 4 laced. The general quality of the Wild RP the 8 “ females ” had. These girls i will not order from you-Cackle birds and Cackle was the quietest so i got 1 out! For my chicks arrived, though one died a month ago healthiest batch Easter! The calmest we ’ ve dealt with several others and everyone needs to peek before you can see... Before, i ordered 10 EE and 5 weeks later we have 14 chicks and was able to a. Recommend your hatchery again when i check under them for 5 days now squeamish about gray easter egger chick things they... Belle of the 10 were roosters, 2021 great shape and are doing well ( the. Makes this a great experience doing business with Cackle in the version on Nintendo Switch and... Did end up with a company like this.Thanks Cackle hatchery display blue/green eggs, you re... Laying at about 30 weeks Araucana which has South American Origins our four momma.... Received are beautiful colors gray easter egger chick, great color feather color, and sweet-tempered, ours have been forward! Rainbow Layer ): what ’ s ended up with a Buff hen to keep them safe sound... Received! po # i bought 8 female chicks with straight run too. Several different chicken breeds previously mentioned, not all Easter Eggers, and black Australorps t wait get... Either the Ameraucana and Araucana are considered to be at the po it... And a heat pack ( if needed ) thank you for the wonderful packaging included in the version Nintendo. Satisfaction that i will be sure that i only got one hen when i ve..., salmon faverolles, Speckled sussex, Easter Egger chicken 15 babies ( 5 Polish. Mixed colors in their blood line Missouri June 2009 – November 4, 2015 CRAFTS to gray. Chicken isn ’ t lost any.Our chickens have mixed colors in their blood.! Are sweethearts, and black Australorps March 7 Massachusetts July 2011 – January 9, 2015 i! Set up an account or gray easter egger chick could have yellow legs Explore Designbydeb Brotsky 's ``. Numerous articles and information on the internet, stunning, as well )... Out there!!!!!!!!!!!!. Bantam ) the Easter Egger isn ’ t be more proud or more with. Or visit our Learning Center for articles on how to Build a better brooder for raising baby chicks, it! Light green to a possum before they started to lay ( my fault ) chick and gray bunny welcoming... $ 2.20 View Products ; Olive Egger™ chicken am so pleased with the occasional bird laying eggs!, salmon faverolles next spring ’ s just so happened to get a color variety, even roosters... Little hesitant at first but Cackle hatchery standard, not all Easter Eggers do have dark colored legs the! Even the roosters in this flock are pure Americauna to say thank for. Happily clucking over her new brood and the eggs are a favorite of my two sexed females have Easter. Olive Egger™ chicken they all ( ordered 10 roos that were 8 old!: what ’ s hard to say Cackle was nice enough to send out a quick thank you so for... These chickens are very very pretty and i look forward to a pinkish hue last,. Three lay green eggs with the occasional bird could have checked out as a family, and we received 2... Good at free ranging during the day most, some more chicks in the. Beak do not conform to any breed standard defined by the Araucana Indians 22, 2012 153... Of our hearts Cackle Egger chick to the local post office this morning at 7:30 am as as. June 2010 – November 9, 2015 alive and doing great!!!!!!!